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Your neighbour needs to learn about consequences - like paying for damaged garden etc.

I sold all my sheep last year as I was fed up with them, but I always kept my fences secure so that they were only hassle to me.

We have an adjacent field that is not ours and is the other side of a stream. On four recent occasions the wife has been walking the dog and heard a sheep in distress, turns out it has it's head stuck in stock fencing, which actually takes some releasing. On the last occasion she had to ring me for help. It was a close run thing whether I'd have to cut the fence as I couldn't get it's ears back through without an enormous effort.

Got a phone call from a dog walker yesterday saying yet again it was stuck assuming it was ours. Field owner lets out the keep - I know who the owner is but not his tenant. I had to put on my stern face and say not my sheep, not my field, not my fence, go speak to the land owner as it's not my problem. Otherwise the tenant will never face up to his responsibilities.

. . .it's a difficult one as I don't want any animal to suffer, and I don't mind sorting problems that I come across myself, but I'm NOT setting up a rescue mission for the entire community !
Aye ..... if it was just me yon twonk would've had short shrift from me already .... he's Pam's best friend's brother
however .... her plants are now suffering and she getting pissed too

have had to rescue several of his animals over the years from similar predicaments ... heads stuck or so entangled in briers they can't move and put maybe 3 or 4 of 'em back on their feet last year, off their backs, legs flailing wildly
's only the rogues that are an issue .... down to three ATM and after giving them the fright of their lives at 07.00 this morning they ain't been back all day ..... next time I can corner them, they will be captured, rather than put back and he WILL be here to remove them PDQ ..... or I'll be donating them to a.n.other neighbour several fields away