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Thread: Where's best for mini digger buckets ?

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    Where's best for mini digger buckets ?

    Need a land rake, either a 9" clay spade or ejector bucket, and possibly a quick hitch for my JCB 803. Was about to place an order with a certain firm (that will remain un-named) until said firm foul mouthed me on the phone!

    So I know that they're NOT getting the order - who's best out there for small stuff like this?

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    You could try I think they will be cheap and cheerful for what you need.

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    Try Chris Hoskins at BMC in Chepstow, not far from me.
    Polite, responsive and good VFM
    Full range of stuff, made in house mostly.

    Always replied to me by return, fair play

    Unit 6c/d
    Bulwark Industrial Estate
    NP16 5QZ
    Phone: 01291 630073
    Fax: 01291 630561
    Email: substitute the @ symbol as appropriate in Chris's address
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    Thanks chaps I'll get on the 'phone :)

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    Found these guys have good prices, although haven't used them in a while

    this lot have a good range.. but keep an eye on price
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    Bit late to the thread but we like to use Harford on the mini excavators, never had any issues yet!

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