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    Hi i got a old little kobelco 007 .8 tonne but when i turn on the engine the digging arm raises straight in the air any advice where to start to look also i liked to change the hydraulic oil cannot find any old manuals on it for the right oil has anybody got suggestions ?

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    Sounds like the spool valve has jammed in the up position When you say old , i presume it is lever and linkage , not servo .Does the lever move to the down position or is it jammed .

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    Probably will be a mechanical linkage on that size so a stuck rod because of debris, or the lever interlock system is fouling it, then ultimately a stuck spool, if all previous things are ok. Presumably you can drop the boom to allow you to start the machine ? Because it won't be easy to get it going if the boom is fully raised as the hydraulics will be at full relief pressure then and heavily load the engine...
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