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Thread: Pistek Rip Off.

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    Pistek Rip Off.

    Can anyone please recommend a Hydraulic on -site hose service, which is based around the Birmingham area, I have just been seriously ripped of by
    Pirtek Aka. Pistek and will never use this crowd of crooks again, I had to virtually do the job myself, as their fitter was worse than useless and did not have a scooby do. the only thing this guy was good at was adding on things that he did not use, he attended at 17.15 and departed at 19.03 I had half a meter of 1/2" Hydraulic hose which he categorised as 1 meter and wanted to charge me 16.00 to take it away, in total I received a bill for over 700.00 he tried to charge me for 25 Litres of oil which I found out he did not use and oil soak up pads x12 unfortunately I was desperate as I just had
    concrete delivered, I told the manager that would be the last time I would use them and he shrugged his shoulders, if I used these shysters on a regular basis I would be out of business,I recently had the same hose from a company in York and it was less than 60.00 Pirtek are Rip-off merchants

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    Sorry to hear about that ! ... that is a hell of a money for a hose ? why dont you scan and post a copy of the invoice so we can see how they came to that figure ?

    I have had similar bad experiences from Pirtek my self, but when I brought them to book, they were much more reasonable.

    On the last occasion, I had one of their fitters come to my yard and remove 20 litres of oil that they had overfilled one of my machines with, and refund me it ...

    they are very keen for example to replace a 2.5 metre hose to a breaker that simply needs a new end on it !!
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