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    pel-job ls286

    I have a Pel-Job ls286 1993 Mini Digger and I am trying to attach a Protech P18 post knocker. It requires a single acting spool valve and the peddle on the floor that operates a pecker is double acting. I have been told there should be a tap or lever that will switch it into a single acting valve, but I can't find it! Or do you know if there is another way to make it work?

    Any suggestions and help, greatly appreciated,
    thanks, Steve.

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    Welcome ... You might have to lift some floor panels to see it, other common places are around the filter area .. they dont always have a toggle key fitted .. sometimes they are just a square block with square key ontop with a line across the top denoting flow direction, but it should have one somewhere .

    First things first can you locate the valve block ?
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