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Thread: Hi all from somerset

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    Hi all from somerset

    Hi folks im jon I work for a turf company in somerset, used to tractors and forklifts but recently bought a old 89/90 jcb 801 for some building work im doing on house got it cheap at 500 but as you can imagine pretty rough but all works sort of! Main problem is the slew ,works fine but doesnt want to stop without having to slew in other direction tends to always creep im happy to get hands dirty can anyone point me in the right direction at all many thanks jon

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    Try having a read here, may be something similar to mine.
    Would you be working for a guy called Hancock? if so you are not far from me.

    Welcome to the forum BTW

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    Hi bud no not hancock im in spaxton,sounds similar to mine not had a chance to dig into it yet not familiar with mini diggers but will give it a go only really need it for footings and to clear a load of ground the previous owner had it for 20 years said its always been like it suppose you get used to it!!

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help lots of others, which is why we exist

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    welcome to the forum .

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    greetings Johnny ...... enjoy!
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    Finally got around to looking around digger today well pleased with it,pretty rough shape but all works not sure about how much play there should be in pins bucket ones are loose as is main arm one is it the king something? Got arm slew to work after stamping on pedal so that needs sorting would help if I had a workshop/user manual anyone point me in right direction seen some pdf ones for sale? Many thanks can see this being a labour of love time to order the yellow paint!!

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    Welcome to the forum................
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