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Thread: draining (low lying Horse paddock)

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    draining (low lying Horse paddock)

    looking for some advice I have some drainage work to do on a low lying horse paddock with raised fields all around it and no where really to divert water to the ground is usually wet. my thought to deal with it to inprove condition of paddock is putting in a drainage "sump" digging a area maybe 4m by 4m at the worst lowest point digging as deep as possible maybe 3m deep and then filling with large clean stone and 40mm drain stone covering back over with 7" or so of topsoil. with a few drains running downhill to this point. only done this method once before and it seemed effective. wondering if anyone has done the same and found it affective or has any other ideas? I am afraid theres just no downhill way to run the water away is next place down is a large driveway and road. Many thanks for any input. ewen

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    'Evening Ewen and welcome

    The issue I can see is that your sump will have a finite capacity ...... where's the water going to go when it's full?
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    Quote Originally Posted by v8druid View Post
    The issue I can see is that your sump will have a finite capacity ...... where's the water going to go when it's full?
    Depends on the strata you encounter .. its possible when going deep you expose and traverse layers which will allow reasonable lateral seepage not available on upper layers, whether this is enough though is anyones guess ?

    Is it not possible to take a single pipe away to a lower point even if it means a 200 meter run for example ? and welcome btw
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    What is your ground type like? might be better digging 500mm wide drains and filling them with stone. It is possible to drain this type of land but is the will and the money available to do it?
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