Cheers Alan I'm not sure if he has, it's in his garage now, it's a discovery 2 so I'll let him know just in case he hasn't, he's a mate of mine anyway so he's only charging me as a one off and said I can leave it at the garage for free and as long as I source the injectors he'll sort it. Quite lucky in that respect mate. He's recommended a couple options, firstly, dare I bloody say! Ebay or he said this bunch ( ) refurbish injectors, which is cheaper, and they are extremely local to me but I've never used them and to be honest I've never had injectors refurbished so I don't have a clue how long that'll take and I don't really want to faff about and have me car sat in his garage for longer than necessary since he's doing me the favour, has anyone ever actually had their injectors refurbished and how long's it take please?

Or does anyone have any other decent suggestions where I can sort em quick and affordably?