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Thread: Traffic film remover

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    Traffic film remover

    Does anyone here buy traffic film remover looking for a bit of info as i'm thinking of offering it to our pressure washer customers and trying to drum up some more but i don't know if i can compete with the likes of autoglym etc
    So what size drums do you buy ie 25l/ 205l how much do you go though in the course of a year depends i surpose on how many wagons and roughly how much per litre are you paying
    Any help would be appreciated

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    We use this stuff on plant and locomotives:

    I cant fault it, great on price and extremely effective on muck, old grease, coal dust, oil and everything else. I use it in out hot jet wash on low pressure.
    Great thing is next to no scrubbing required!

    We use approximately 500-600L a year, unsure on the price though although I know its not all that expensive.
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