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Thread: Yanmar SV16 tracking problem

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    Question Yanmar SV16 tracking problem


    Ive recently bought a 2016 ex demo Yanmar SV16 mini digger with 12 hours on the clock, Iíve been told the machine has never actually dug and has simply been used as a demo at shows

    As it should be , everything about the Machine works absolutely fine as a basically new digger should do, however there does seem to be a strange *problem?* when trying to turn on the spot.

    Using the left and right tracking levers in opposite directions simultaneously to turn one way or another , the machine doesnít seem to like it at all and will make a noise as if itís trying its best to move the tracks but nothing happens, this is happening on all floors such as concrete/gravel/grass.

    tracking forwards or backwards in a straight line is absolutely perfect , however once you ask the machine to turn left or right , is as if it cannot work against itself , ie. one track forward and one track backwards.

    it is possible to turn ever so slightly as your moving forward by moving one lever back slightly further than the other.

    unless Iím missing something , Iím not really sure what could be happening , as I say the machine is basically brand new

    I am of the mind that the machine has been sat outside a machinery depot for possibly the last 2 years , whether that would make any difference I do not know

    any advise would be appreciated


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    I would expect any new machine to be able to contra rotate without a problem, some older ones suffer relief valve problems and need adjustment to continue to do it, as it is quite demanding, especially on tarmac (rubber tracked machines). It may be the machine has been set up for some specific work as a demo, and not correctly adjusted before sale to you, either way I'd take it back . It wouldn't be the first time I've bought a new machine, and had the dealer come out to improve its performance and smooth out some functions, you wouldnt think it should be neccessary, but sometimes it is. What you are describing is a basic requirement though, so get on the phone
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist

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