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Kubuta KX41 Starter (intermittant issue)

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  • Kubuta KX41 Starter (intermittant issue)

    This has happened twice now, the starter gives no response whatsoever when the key is operated, not click or other sound. The instrument lights dim about as much as I'd expect with the starter running, but would not quite swear it's exactly the same. Unfortunately I didn't measure the current draw on either occasion. First time I suspected the battery and battery leads as both were quite rough, although I couldn't actually see any issue and disconnecting/reconnecting leads didn't help. Finally I connected a battery which had been sitting on charge and it started up fine. So I was thinking along the lines of the battery just not having enough oomph to trigger the starter into life.

    Since then I've replaced the battery and also fitted nice new battery leads and it's been fine. Then on Saturday the same symptoms. This time the battery had been on a trickle charge so was fully charged.

    I removed the starter and has a little poke around. With the end cover off I could feel the solenoid free to move, and unbolting the motor I found I could turn that as well, although felt quite stiff. Put back to together and refitted, it works fine again.

    First time was restarting after a lunch break. Second time the digger hadn't been used for a while.

    Any ideas? I am thinking I may just replace the starter as they're not that expensive, and we're completely immobilised if the engine won't start. Even if I do that I'd like to fix the old one as well.

    Thanks, Tony S

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    possibly bushes worn out in starter . Had a JCB 4CX starter do the same .


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      Thanks. Did you mean brushes, or bushes? I can check both of course. My thinking is if this was an issue with the motor, I'd expect to hear the solenoid move. I know something's drawing power because the lights dim, and the motor doesn't get switched on until the solenoid has completed it's travel, so that sounds like the solenoid is drawing current but not moving. Yet when I took the cover off it seemed completely free to move. So I'm thinking that the actual act of part dismantling it may have freed whatever was sticking.


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        The auto electrician that fixed it said the bushes were worn and it was poling out ..