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  • Pel job 25.4

    I have a pel job 25.4, had it quite a few years and been no trouble but only does a few hundred hours a year max. Today it wouldn’t start. I am fairly certain I am not getting any power to the fuel solenoid. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or similar perhaps?
    thanks in advance.

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    So to give a bit more detail. its a 1998 machine with a Puma unit (I believe after much reading on this forum thats the unit on the RH armrest with the lights, clock , hours etc).
    The machine has been sat for about 3-4 wks. Tried to start it today. It turns over but won't fire. Checked the electric fuel pump, seems to be pumping fine, cracked off an injector pipe and cranked it over - no pump from the injector pipe.


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      Disconnected the 3 wire stop solenoid and put a multimeter on the all three wires on the machine side with the ignition on, no voltage on any of them. As i understand it one wire is earth, one supplies energy while cranking and the third wire supplies a holding current once the engine is running.
      Checked the fuses and relays all seem good, and that's about as far as i can get. I did think about trying to put a permanent live into the solenoid but not certain which wire is which?


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        I have noticed that the oil pressure light does not illuminate with the ignition on, but the battery light does (as I believe it should). I unplugged the oil pressure sensor and put the multimeter on the wire end and there is no voltage. I think this should have 12 v with the ignition on if i understand the function correctly? The circuit is broken when the oil pressure sensor has pressure and the light goes out?