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    Well I thought I'd share one of my crazy ideas again. I've got a 500cc ATV or quad as we call them here and spring is starting to make an appearance off and on here and unless we get pissed on by rain it could mean a couple things for us enthusiasts here one being dry grass and brush and the possibility of wildfires or things stay damp till the trees and foliage 'green up'. Either way I like to be prepared last year I put some holders on the front of my quad so I could carry a short handle spade, axe or related hand tool which has come in handy many times since it's installation and I think is just as important as having a winch. On one ride last fall I helped recover an ATV that punched through some not so frozen peat moss as well helped dig the driver out and once or twice this past winter dug my own quad and my friend's trike out of some deep snow.
    The summer of 2011 through to the end of 2012 were very dry years for us here which in some ways was nicer than the persistent flooding we struggled with for many years prior, however one of the forests that is very popular for ATV enthusiasts has suffered greatly and the blame always seems to fall on ATV enthusiasts even when it's known that these fires were caused by lightning and other farmers! Conservation has started demanding that people bring fire extinguishers with them as well shovels or axes. Well on another forum I'm on many guys were posting pictures of how they equipped their machines with little one or two pound class B/C powder type extinguishers which don't work very well on wildfire. I talked with my friend who rides a Honda 250cc trike with me fairly frequently that maybe we should try building some kind of tank to carry 5-10 gallons of water as we are both Volunteer Firefighters so if something did happen we might be able to nip it in the butt before it gets too out of control. He himself is quite an experienced sheet metal and welding fabricator and mentioned he might be able to make a tank out of aluminum that would fit under my storage trunk on the back of my quad. However aluminum is kinda pricey and we would still have to figure out what kind of pump and how much hose etc. etc.
    Well I was bored again today and started thinking about some kind of water extinguisher and thought maybe buying a polyethylene sprayer tank about 8-10 gallon capacity and mounting it in place of my cargo box with maybe a custom made basket for stowing stuff like my petrol jerry can, towing strap, clevises and lunch bucket. So this is the kind of thing I'm thinking about for a tank:
    And then this is what I'm thinking about for a pump or at least where part of the revised idea came from. After calling the manufacturer I found out that this pump is rated for 12 volts at 5.5 gpm (U.S. gallons) at 70 psi. Which should be ok for knocking down a small fire or at least soaking down hotspots after knocking it out with a broom or shovel the other thing I was thinking is getting a manual pump like we have on our backpack pumps in our firehall.

    Anyway more on this later just another nutty idea. lol

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    A driven man with a burning passion.


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      Yep I have one like the spot sprayer ,its 100ltrs and has a gun and 12volt pump with pressure switch.
      Since my Quad bike is only 300cc though 100ltrs is a fairly heavy load on hilly country ,in rougher country I think something half its size or less might be more appropriate ,like what Bert suggested,unless they were the little US gallons .


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        Yeah some of the other Fire Department's in the area use a quad with a 25 u.s. gallon sprayer tank and a little 2 cycle petrol water pump as they didn't find the normal 12 volt pumps reliable enough nor did they put out enough water. A couple years ago my wife and I came across an elderly lady trying to put out a grass fire with a damp towel we called the nearest Fire Department which was nearly 40 minutes away and to make a long story short they came with two ATV's with tanks on them and got it under control within a few minutes. I looked around on the internet to see if there was any kind of commercially made setup and found this particular one for quad bikes and when I inquired about it they quoted me around a $1,000! Which is a little pricey for my liking though I do like the design of the tank being baffled and having a flat top but it would be a good setup for our Fire Department if the municipality ever gave use any money to buy new equipment.