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Thread: Mini digger attachments

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    Mini digger attachments

    Right guys I always feel like I could have my digger doing more bit what I don't know.

    i have the usual buckets which are a ditching, 24 inch, 18 inch, 12 inch, 9 inch with teeth and 9 inch without teeth and a rake but always looking for another angle to get more from my machine. Anyone any ideas? I was thinking of getting a thumb attachment for lifting and loading branches.

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    Jim if I can suggest something if you do decide to get a thumb I highly recommend getting a hydraulic one and secondly get one where the thumb doesn't share the same pin as the bucket so it's much easier to remove when you don't need it dangling there getting in the way. But I always try to steer people away from getting a thumb as they add a lot of weight to the end of the stick and can affect the balance of the machine instead get a 360 grab. A good friend of mine has a heavily modified log grapple on his International 3964 and it only has 270 degrees of rotation but he said it's an extremely handy piece of equipment and he even digs with it from time to time. I know some day when I can get a machine I'll look at getting a 360 grab there are some available here that can work much like a clamshell and even like a log grapple so you can get the best of both worlds with one attachment.

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