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Thread: Druidic exploits of a various nature!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muz View Post
    No rush Fella..... just had me panicked a bit there given a few of your last posts then absence, and the current situation, .... anyway .. good to see you ok
    Aye, cheers boyo ... Feb was not a good month TBH ...... just about back to feeling more normal ... and not panicking with every twinge ... would not want to end up back in hospital given the current situation
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by v8druid View Post
    Aye, cheers boyo ... Feb was not a good month TBH ...... just about back to feeling more normal ... and not panicking with every twinge ... would not want to end up back in hospital given the current situation
    Aye I'm getting twitchy as spring is just starting to tease us we had one day last week where the temperature got up to +15C all the snow had melted making things nice and mucky and little rivers and lakes all over the place because of that. I keep thinking about going on a road trip with the girls and our home made camper but this Corona covid thing keeps us cooped up except for me to go to work when there is some. And being an asthma sufferer I can do without any more sickness I'm also scheduled to get a tonsillectomy at the end of the month provided I don't get sick or the numbers of infected people don't skyrocket.
    Are you able to still tinker with your projects being cooped up at home?

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    bloody hell ..... I've not posted in a while ..... got some serious catching up to do .. a lot been going on .. sort of ... not been further than the top of my drive in ten weeks .. on this shielding malarkey ... can't recall what the outside world looks like ... gonna be bloody different for sure .... I've gotten a lot done though and the weather has been amazing ... proper seasons like we used to have when I was a kid ... just goes to show how f***d up we've made it with 30 odd million cars and thousands of flights daily polluting the atmosphere ..... and what the lack of them can do .. the air even smells better ... or should that be doesn't smell

    so .... catch up ..... OMG !!

    as usual on a catch up, I'll date stuff

    " Corona virus? .... WTF is that? ... Just lob another block on dad "

    I'm a firm believer in re-incarnation .... and if you lead a good life in this one, as a reward, you come back as a pampered house cat life don't get much better .. full bellies and a Morso to warm yer toes by
    we've actually had a dry day today .. all day and no wind to speak of, just a nippy breeze ... gave me a chance to sort this out ...... wind blew it to bits one night .

    think we may need a new one .... it might go back together, but not without a lot of ferkin' about ... can I really be arsed
    see what a 14 footer is tomorrow?

    catches the wind real bad where it is though
    problem with a steel one is the 14ft span .. have already had it mooted by SWMBO ... would have to give it some careful thought to prevent sag
    new wooden one's about a hundred quid .. job done .... we'll see

    Drema had an airing today ...... first time in a while ... started first flick ...... Auto throttle playing up though ... no Standby or Low setting .. had to run her in Med. (2000+rpm) ...... can't for the life of me see HTF the actuator functions
    hyd cylinder pulling a cable, but damned if I can work out how it discerns how much to pull it, determined by whichever switch I press ???? and we're only talking maybe 20mm of throw/travel in total ???? ... it may have to come to bits and see what's up ??
    gonna end up with a manual cable otherwise, but the auto shutdown is very nice

    cleaned out the last corner of the wood shed this morning ... it usually lasts us a winter, but Vicki's had a fair bit out of there this winter ... and Josh usually leaves with a fair pile in his boot too, so hasn't seen us through like it usually does, so .......

    had to extricate a boxful this morning .... after I'd moved me roller and pallet of stone out the way

    dropped the forks off after and hung the bag lifter on the QH to sling said box under and carried it down to the wood shed

    seem to have gotten out the habit of taking pix ... all I took this morning ..... took longer to 'unpack' yon box, than it did to get it out and down there

    anyway .... plenty of burnables down there now ... 'til Vicki wants some more
    Hopefully not going to need it for much longer, but we ain't out the woods yet, on the weather front and did not want to get caught out by the white stuff .. be sod's law .. MT wood shed and a foot or more of white shite


    Been a beautiful day here .... chilly breeze, but blue sky and sunshine all day ... boss wanted an extension lead this morning ... clean a car .. this is how it comes back

    done a few odds and sods jobs and then spent a great deal of time hunting for a throttle cable .. for the 'Drema .. tick over, or virtually full bollox yesterday, is not how I like to run her (try operating a duck at tick over Knew I had a couple here ...some where ??

    failed to find the one I was looking for .. but did find a 'second best'

    Needed some TLC .... and the cable re-attaching internally, as it'd eaten the original, but was a pleasant surprise to find it a simple job, once I'd dismantled it

    very nicely made .... would recommend these ....

    God knows how old this is ... but I've probably had it 20 years ...

    totally strip-able, multi positional stops and multi positional lever ... VERY clever design
    'Sposed to be nice again tomorrow, so once I've had me hamster juice and 'the streets have aired' will have a look at installing said item.
    Always had at the back of my mind having to 'go manual' on the 'Drema's throttle ... leccytronics're fine while they'm functional .... and I do like the auto idle on her ... but no box of lectrickery lasts for ever and it'd seem to be 'time' on hers

    I'll see if it's 'fixable' ..... but need to suss just HTF it converts four different electrical 'button settings' to a multi-positional ram stroke, to pull the throttle cable, just a smidge, each time a different button is pressed ... it's less than 20mm travel, all told, from tick over to full chat, with only two wires feeding it a signal ??????? ... Mucho confusio as Orzo, might say ... ATM I really can not see how the hell it does it?

    anyone have any ideas ... I'll try and put some pix up of said techy cylinder ............... but i need some decent control of Mr Deutz's FL4 'til I can get a suss on it

    As for the other cable, I was originally searching for **** knows where i've got that stashed away ..... it'll turn up sometime, but damned if I can recall where it is and certainly didn't trip over it today

    just found Bristow Controls on't 'net ...

    looks just like JakieB's hand throttle ...... wasn't the one I was looking for .. but'll do for now .... had been considering summat along those lines for a while, but as said ... would be/need some sort of techy linkages
    the 'Drema's tricky tech however has now determined an alternate is required
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    never any mistaking a Monday in Druidville ....

    just hope next Monday's the same ...... need a delivery between now and then ... they seem to have forgotten me this month

    spent the rest of the day working out how to route that cable ........ and then how to terminate said cable in the engine bay to marry up to the FL4's pump control

    more on that one tomorrow ............ could've done with another 6" of length on't cable really .... see if this works first, then maybe see if I can get a longer Bowden inner/outer from somewhere


    all gates locked and post box moved to far end of the drive
    My treatment pharmacy delivery people tell me there shouldn't be any issues - ATM - but it's made in the USA

    As for the fettling .... been trying me hand today

    throttle lever persuaded into spot .. out the way ..

    took some juggling into spot

    Ajax got a bit of an airing

    creating a capture / mount for the Bowden's outer .....

    ....... and inner

    then it was time to create an end ...

    bit of pisser, having to drag the Caddy out for a couple of quick flashes ...... but had to be done .... would've liked some grub screws, instead of the SHCS,s but didn't have/couldn't find any so these got lopped down and lightly drilled the end of the thread to grip the cable, like a grubby would

    getting the lengths right was a tad tedious, but got there and it got installed

    believe it or not that is full travel .. plus about 6mm ... not a lot of movement at all ... can see how little the auto throttle's ram needs to move to give four differing settings AND tickover ...... must be one techy lil' actuator/ sensed ram !!

    left its cable attached to it and secured the flying end in the engine bay, so's it can't get up to 'no good' .... will extricate it from its hiding place when I'm feeling enthused [a] .. about looking at it and .. ..when I'm feeling enthused enough to get at the little sod ... it's not exactly easily gotten at .... engine bay belly plate off job, looks to be the easiest access

    found this, this morning ....

    on the floor 'bout 10 ft from the 'Drema's door .... sure as **** wasn't there last night when I packed up ... and have no 'kin idea WTF it has come from ? .. can only conclude we had unwanted visitors last night, but couldn't see anything out of place ??... apart from the appearance of the above ???

    it's certainly nothing to do with me ... don't recognise it at all ... and I could not have missed it ... first thing I noticed this morning !!
    May have to sleep with one eye open tonight .......... an' a couple of barrels hanging out the bedroom window ... ALL my gates are locked and I've not sent out any invitations for nocturnal visitors .... so's they'm fair game as far as I'm concerned .... BANG!!


    self isolating ........ on the mower
    first cut of the season ..... had a job to get it out the bag .. was so well packed in

    been a glorious day ... so lucky to be able to enjoy it ......... aside from the mowing of course ... after all the rain it's such a great change

    Oh and Sparty made an appearance for half of it, after the mower'd woken him up .... slowed proceedings a tad, with him on me lap .

    it sure as hell grew late last year, for sure ... ground was almost too wet to mow when I did the last cut of '19 .... certainly pretty bloody wet all around us here .. lawn not so bad, but beside the drive's gonna need another week of this sun and some wind, 'fore it can get the Dane let loose on it .
    Was in the field above the lawn Monday sorting out a lamb that'd managed to get the wrong side of the fence from mum .. and the ground was like a bog

    we are very lucky living here .. and know it. Perfect self isolation spot
    spent seven years looking for our forever / last home ... looked at some great places with either shit access/pig farm next door/no views/etc./etc. .... this ticked all the boxes, bar the outbuildings ... it didn't have any .... but we compromised .... and creating somewhere to put one has kept me occupied for a while.
    That and all the other things that needed doing here

    our barn, pre-conversion

    and last year

    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    so ....... remember this .....

    took it apart/removed it the other day and spent an hour or so this morning re-assembling it 'fore the boss an' 'her assistant' gave it a couple of coats to freshen it up

    went back together very well TBH ... will do 'til a replacement can be 'procured' ... wouldn't believe it was the same gate

    was surprised at how much of a 'lean on' yon pillar has adopted lately !! .. piece of tish pillar and will get rebuilt in stone, when the wall gets stone faced .. it's doing its job for now

    spent an hour before tea tonight going through all me chains .

    Lidl's finest 20 quid sharpener ..... one of the best 20s i ever spent

    now have a full compliment, ready to rock ......

    anyone ever seen one of these before ?? ..

    american thing ... have had it 25+ years ... always been a great little saw, but refused to start last time I wanted to use it, so it's on the bench for attention tomorrow ... very comfy to use and light enough to use hour after hour

    question for you all .... got three heads like this ...

    ..... missing the eyes out of the feed slots for the cord ... had to rob a cast ali eye out of this one this morning, when i refilled the strimmer head, on the Husqy, as one of its eyes had broken up .... no spares left now and seems a bit extravagant to go buy yet another head for want of the ali eyes replacing on all four that i have sat ..... anyone suggest a source for said items ??

    and on a previous theme ....... 's a hard life being a cat ...... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    VERY nearly bought a Colchester Mascot on ebay this morning... was at 1500 quid with 5 minutes to go ... an' no bids ....... trouble is 'twas in Hull and 'er indoors'd've gone batshit having a Shipley truck turn up next week
    luckily (for me, anyway),it jumped to 2+K in the last 30 seconds so decision made
    was a well tidy lathe for that though... but a longer bed ... really want a shorty

    buyer's market out there for toys. Lots of people laid off and shifting stuff to raise cash. Sadly also lots of people with time on their hands too...

    was cheap enough ...

    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Crisis situation here this morning .......
    just finished the LAST jar of Pam's plum jam on me toast earlier
    ... she made 36 last year and somehow they all seem to have evaporated

    WTF am I going to have for brekky tomorrow ?????

    crisis averted ........ I looked meself this evening and found a few more jars hiding behind some tins so tha's brekky sorted for a few more weeks

    pushed a slam post in with the 'Drema today, for the gate ... beats thumping it in ... pity the banks-woman ain't got much of an eye for upright ... should've gotten me self squarer on to it, so I could see for meself ... at 2+ ft in the deck it'll have to do

    screwed a rest/support block on to assist in maintaining some semblance of shape to it ... look better when it's had a coat of brown ... when we can get some more

    Whilst I was out on the drive, we pushed another five fence stakes in to replace some rotted off ones ... not my fence line, but it's our drive the damned sheep escape on to, if the fence isn't up to scratch ... didn't take long with the 'Drema doing the shoving in

    they're actually more upright than they look there those gate posts have a hell of a lean on

    new throttle control works a treat and doesn't seem to be presenting any issues to any of her systems .... warning lamp/bulb seems to have failed in the dash for the blade ... although the actual control function of the button still works and turns the solenoid valve on/off ... little investigating required .. hopefully the lamps are replaceable
    a fully variable throttle is a novel treat

    not seen this pair in ten days ... Vicki'd run out of GF bread .... and none to be found anywhere, so some of Pam's stocks had to be robbed from the freezer.

    Clara was very good ... had obviously had it drummed in to not come to us ... stayed a good 20 ft away, love her .... not seen her on her little balance bike before and can't she go on it .... her bicycles are going to be a POP after .. really has the hang of her balance

    great to see them ....... at a distance at least .... can you tell it was brrrr .. sly ol' NE wind this morning ... even with the sun, was 'kin cool

    only invited visitors are coming past this .......

    other-wise this is as close as they get

    'nother day or so and that ground's gonna be Dane ready for some grass massacre-ing ...... better avoid the daffs though ... be in trubble otherwise


    spent some of yesterday 'in the tish' ... well forking it anyway ..

    Pam had me turning her veggie boxes over ... so she could do for the weeds that grow like crazy ... ready for said tish ...

    pity I can't get the Micron at these ... got a rake/fork made for that, for turning this sort of stuff over ... anyway ... three done, one is a strawberry bed and there's summat in no. 5 tha's staying ... apparently

    the 'dead' fence posts got a seeing to .....

    whilst I had this out,

    making good a half a pallet, that I'd used the rest of, to create a half/special pallet to go under me fuel tank, I acquired a while back.

    Also got this little fella going .... again

    after a bloody good strip/clean ... my fave little saw for a quick job revving like a good un

    then I see the posty arrive and deposit summat in't letter box, far end of the drive
    so.... suitably equipped with some gloves ... and the key to the box, I went to see if it was some belts I was waiting for ..

    so ... key in box .. open front ... a letter .... from the local health authority ... glove time ... get it out, open it up four pages, two in Welsh ... envelope and the Welsh bits get screwed into a ball in me left hand ... letter in right ... no glasses so can't read the damned thing ....
    now ... I can't (in theory) shut the box with a gloved hand .. or touch the key ..... dunno WTF has been handling said letter .... the balled up rubbish is gonna get enclosed in the gloves as they come off, inside out, but I still have this damned letter to hold
    anyway took it back to the house and gave it some disinfecting....'least Pam did while I hung on to it outside, then the gloves went in the burning bin, which was lit already and we could get a look at ........ hell of a quandry though, about how to handle this sort of thing, especially in view of this one's source, too, ..... or anything that arrives TBH ??

    Anyway ..... said letter was a bit of a surprise

    twelve weeks FFS ..and as for all the other 'separation stuff' .... They'm a bit late with the advice ... and .......
    Pam sticks needles in me every Monday .. gonna be bloody difficult at three paces

    I can't wait to get tested for anti-bodies .. see if some of us had it in January ....

    TWELVE ****ing weeks FFS!!

    apparently so, Pam was reading somewhere this morning we can now sign up for the food parcel scheme!! ..... think there are more folk, in more need/more deserving TBH ....

    Aside from being genetic, my Gaucher's doesn't really fit any of the criteria .. although my immunity is 'supposed' to be depleted/lower than usual, I've always been pretty damned good at not getting sh*t or fighting it off/recovering if i do ... and bear in mind that I was born with this ... 't ain't something new, just recently identified/diagnosed

    Plus as I keep saying .... I'm pretty convinced that January's 'un-wellness' was this bloody virus ..... it all fitted the symptoms

    It's the 12 'kin weeks that bothers me most ..... 's a long time .... wish I'd had a bit of sense and gotten some sand and cement in ...... might've developed enough enthusiasm to have a go at some stone work
    would've been nice if me planings delivery'd arrived too ..... Russel could always have sneaked his crane in here some time ... that'd all have given me plenty to do
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    well I've not been further than the end of me drive in over three weeks .... I don't go out a great deal anyway ... but that WAS my choice ... it's a bit odd when it's not so much through my own choosing !!

    I'm very lucky that i have space to at least get outside and do summat ...

    had a few punctures sat about, that have needed attention for a while ... this is the road wheel off me Manor/Flaming Micron ... not been used in a long time, but it kept me occupied for a bit, along with four 4.00 x 8s I had sat ...

    bet yer's not seen one o' them bars in a while ... for those who can remember what they look like ... beat tyre levers ... hands down

    bearing got a good dose of fresh grease while it was on the bench ..

    hauled Mr K's old trailer out of it's hiding place in the corner and put it somewhere a bit more accessible to finish off welding up the draw bar alterations, I started ages ago ...

    better position for setting about it with the MIG ... anyone who uses their infrequently ... when you get it out to use it .. always check this lil' sod on the Euro-connector or you'll never get a decent shield ..

    tiny little O ring ...

    but they're such a tight fit that they snap for a past time .. and can cause all sorts of issues if you don't realise it's buggered ... new one fitted and torch installed ... half an hour with some 0.8mm and t'ain't coming off ...

    picked it up, onto its arse end to get at the underside ... too bloody awkward there ..then slapped some of Firwoods best fast drying on it ... that wheel wedge frame's gonna have to go though !!

    lifted it back down onto the deck this afternoon and picked the body up to get at the chassis for some shiny tish ... after a good wire brushing ... was remarkably clean-ish TBH

    propped and left on't 'Drema's hook for the duration ... was intending to whip the body off out the way, to make it an even easier task ... but the one tip hinge pin is going to take some getting out .. all the rest're fine ... just that one lil' bar steward ... so charged on as was ...

    dropped it down and left it there for tonight ...

    going to have a crack at that one pin tomorrow, with a hyd pack .... would like to lift the body off anyway, to flip it over to clean & paint the underside ... bloody hard work as is ...... be easier to do for that wedge frame too, with the body out o' the way

    progress would've been faster today if it hadn't been for all the interruptions ... " can you just come and .... undo this/ lift this down/hold the steps for me/get me a ladder/go up the ladder - I don't like it - too high - and... /paint that up there /reach that down/etc./etc. " been one of those afternoons

    anyone remember this .... got sent it this morning ....
    judging by the level, stood up there, I'd guess 'daddy' has just gotten around to hanging it properly


    "going to have a crack at that one pin tomorrow, with a hyd pack ...."

    well that didn't happen ....
    request from Vicki, via Pam for some 'veggie boxes' , summat like Pam's, but smaller ... she's got the gardening bug, by the look of it and it'll keep Clara amused a bit too ..... " what've yer got to make some with Gra? " Not got a lot in the way of 'spare' timber sat about, other than stickers and cribbing ... apart from some off cuts from the black shed build, which i'd had cwtched, to make Pam some planters .. sometime.

    Having been searching me patch, she'd come across 'em and said ... " they'd do, wouldn't they? " so had to admit to the reason for having 'em cwtched aside ........ so that was the end of my plans for the day and fetched me 'chippy's hat' to get started, to silence the whining noise that'd suddenly started !! had no excuse readily to hand and no dimensions from Vicki so .............

    one truck full of off cuts ......

    much thought later and I had a plan formulated ... next was to extract some lengths of 38 x 90 CLS I'd also had stashed, from the shed build, in the roof of said shed, which unfortunately had a rolled up carpet sat on top of 'em ...... that took some re-homing, up in the roof

    having worked out a cutting list/regime to maximise the available materials 'twas time to get to it ... 90mm CLS was overkill for the framing so decided to rip it down, which worked out well

    couldn't be arsed to drag a saw bench out for the limited requirements, so just ripped it after I'd lengthed it

    then set about getting it all together ..

    the 300 x 20 sawn was not the greatest of stuff dimensionally to be working with and had a few issues getting it cut to length square, but got there ... 'least well enough for the job in hand ... trouble with being used to steel and everything being properly sized and true .....
    anyway ... worked with one true, decent end as a face end and got it together alright, with the aid of a nice flat, straight, solid bench .. always helps

    one down ..... two to go

    as usual ... certain people couldn't wait to see what it looked like 'in situ'

    back to it for #2 ...

    which got finished off after tea had been scoffed ....

    and dropped down with its mate ... then 'twas time to have a square up, 'fore it got dark
    Last one to put together tomorrow ....... and then ....... I have now had some dimensions from Vicki, so got her's to dream up tomorrow too
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    on the plus side ..... I have one very happy Pam, especially as I've also got a load of top soil organised, to fill hers and Vicki's too, so should buy me some peace and quiet, to 'potter on' with my bits an' bobs for a while .... it'd better stay dry


    now that I had some dimensions from Vicki, had her's to dream up too

    So ... spent a fair bit of the morning looking like a snowman ... been bloody windy here today and the sawdust's been everywhere

    that was after completing #3 for Pam ...

    lopped up a pile of short off cuts for starters, which worked in really well with the dimensions given .... then I had to drag another four 5 metre lengths out from under a box .... which proved exciting and bloody awkward, due to stuff being in the way .. like a dumper and a jake ... wasn't moving them and managed to thread 'em under the both of 'em then stuck 'em through the trellis fence where i could get at 'em ..

    and lugged 'em up to me bench ...

    to get 'em lopped up ...

    then chopped some CLS and ripped them down for the framing, before spending the rest of the day assembling 'em all ...

    between Pam's 'interuptions' for lifts and stuff

    eventually got this one ready to assemble, just before tea interrupted play .... so went together this evening ...

    followed by yet another hour's clear up .... bloody typical this afternoon ... sun came out just as it was going 'round from where it'd have shone on me ... been damned cold with the wind today, even though it's been a southerly, 'tweren't as warm as it was 'sposed to be

    locked up just as the light was disappearing .....
    this is 5ft x 2ft 6" .... Vicki usually gives me my 'instructions' in 'old money' , although happy working in either .... whichever dimension's the closest to what I'm after ...... worked out well for the materials
    Box #2 is the morning's job, but only 2 ft 6" square so a lot less screwing .... just got to cut the CLS framing and rip it, before i can set about assembling it . .... forecast is warmer in the morning .... but still bloody windy from the South ... so doubt it's gonna feel much warmer

    Squeak's found himself a new place to kip this morning ...... we decorated my little office a couple of weeks ago .... which was also a major juggle about of furniture ... two full filing cabs take some shuffling about to paint behind!!

    To tidy up a lot of the stuff that seems to get parked in here we bought a shelving unit to rationalise it all .... and squeak discovered the top of it this morning

    have to say, for an Ikea jobbie it went together very well and is good and solid ... there're a lot of lever archs and books on the shelves you can't see ... a fair bit of weight ... finding decent sized book cases proved to be quite a challenge when we were searching for a unit


    so ...... one down .... little un to do ....

    three sides sorted ... no 4 on't bench

    on its way together ...

    and assembled

    then I get ,..... " what have you got that'll support some netting to keep the birds and cats out? "

    so ..... quick think, cup o' coffee and I've an idea ..... hauled out a new toy ... that apparently I didn't need, when it arrived ... . had a bigger version in work for years, by a company called Goliath .. sold unfortunately .. first time I've tried this ... and worked OK ...

    was cheap enough too

    instant netting cradles ..

    made the centre one higher, as it was how the materials 'panned out' and no point in wasting any

    drilled into the top frame ..... tha's me 10 mil bar stock cleaned out as well as most of me spare timber rapidly running out o' stuff to use for people's wish lists

    Vicki should be well chuffed with these ..... I hope

    these got a damned good coat of Cuprinol satin varnish yesterday afternoon and really brought the colours out in the timber ...

    Pam's like my old man used to be with a paint brush ... seems to use the handle more than the bristles .... bloody covered in it ... and her hands!!

    should've seen the black brush after she'd done this, this afternoon

    done a nice job on it though ..... couple of chairs to go with it on the to do list tomorrow ... and that'll probably wipe out me tin of black metal gloss
    good job I don't use black very often!!

    there is going to be some sort of shopping list, after all this shit subsides .... WHEN it does ... could be a lot more to go on't list before then though

    anyone wants to eyeball any more pix .... there're always loads more in me Photobucket folders, which I keep updated ... so for the masochists amongst us LOL ...... 2?sort=3&page=1
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Apr 2015
    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun

    usual Monday morning .... Hamster juice top up time ... went looking for me coffee mug, first thing, that I'd left outside last night ... 8 mm of rain in it bit of a shock to see it come down last night ... considering the skies were clear when i hit me pit.

    forecast for next Monday / Tuesday is 40+mm of rain ..... but at a week away ... might not materialise ........... hopefully

    Just had a real heavy shower - as in LASHING down ....... 'sposed to be a blue sky day ... so tha's burgered Pam's chair painting for the day

    well it did clear up and turned into a decent afternoon ....... we got a grub delivery from Vicki later in the day, bless 'em .... no Clara though ... she can't hack not being able to get near us apparently, so not likely to see her any time soon, other than on the 'puter vid. calls

    with an empty car to go home with ... these had to 'fall' in the back .....

    fitted in well and'd give Vicki summat to get enthused and occupied with ......

    Pam reckoned she's had too much of me 'rub off ' on her ..... she'd got the level out to set 'em up with today

    looks like we're gonna be having plenty of plum jam this year .... assuming we can get some jam making sugar that is .. and plenty of it

    both our plum trees are well in blossom

    'the boss' has kept me busy half the day ... with little can you just,s ... that all added up to several hours ...
    Delbouy gave me some bird boxes when i was down in Plymoth last ... this un went up today ...

    hadn't been up ten minutes and there were loads of little birds examining the new 'real estate' ... think a pair had moved in in an hour !!

    all the grass got massacred after lunch ... lawn growing like crazy, but beside the drive wasn't so bad, so not a huge amount lying about, after the Dane had had a charge around it

    the tree pollen is now dropping in earnest and my nose and eyes have really been suffering the last two days, even with me 10mgs of Cetirizine daily, I've had to resort to tissue balls, stuffed up me nose to try and filter it out a bit ... does help, but looks ridiculous ... do I care when it works

    dragged a few bits together before tea, for a little summat I have in mind, hopefully tomorrow ...
    she can't have much left to need my attention

    fingers crossed of course ..... there are two more bird boxes left to go up ... but no locations sussed as yet

    got some me time today and this went up in the air again ..

    to let me get at that rack on the tow bar .. it had to go ...

    some cold laps made removal a bit easier

    and there it was ..... gone

    looks better without it in the way ..

    how to make the most of a disc

    then it was time to crack on with a few bits ..... saw time

    after the Ajax had contributed ...

    pile of bits ready to go together

    any guesses ??
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Fabrication Guru +1 v8druid's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun

    having to make do with what I have to hand ATM ....

    here's an inkling coming up

    then ran out of daylight .... so it had to come back down for today .....

    certainly looks better without yon rack on there

    and in these uncertain times of fk knows when we can go shopping again ?? ..... this'll get hacked into bits ... yer never know what'll come in handy

    the tissue ball filters for me nose have worked real well all day ....... oak pollen is the worst thing going apparently ... and I'm surrounded by oaks here, 'specially on me patch ... nose and eyes have been almost normal today ... but have been walking round all day with two white balls stuck up me nostrils ... as I said, if it works, do I care .... and has made a massive difference to me today

    took them out for half an hour earlier and nose and eyes went ballistic : ..... so new balls please

    more to do tomorrow ...........


    just got started this morning and we got a.n.other delivery we've been waiting for ... 'least our fish have ... new grub supplies for 'em ... local source hasn't had any for weeks and we were just about out, so ordered some on line and got 'em delivered to Vicki ... been sat a couple of days 'isolating', so they got brought up this morning .. with a surprise ...

    Clara'd rather see us at a distance for a while than not at all ... and she got a run around ..

    dress was one of Vicki's 'old stock' bridesmaid's dresses ... Clara loves it
    fish food's quarantined in a shed for now

    so after they'd had a run around, some distant Granny time and had left, I got back to it ... picked up the trailer bed again and got the new cross member in place ....

    sadly, too breezy again for the MIG, so stick it was .... having got that on I turned my attention to a couple of lift eyes for the front chassis rails ... M20 x 3t eye nuts ... with a stud threaded into the end plates, then welded to the plates and the eyes, screwed on and then welded too ... they ain't coming off the plates

    and the plates ain't coming off the chassis rails after I'd squared 'em up and gotten 'em clean and tidy for welding .. had to grind the welds back in places to avoid the lower chassis guide plates, but believe me ... penetration was full depth... and put an extra gusset plate in the toes too.
    coat of shiny sh1t before tea ...

    and a good square up after, before dropping it back down for the night ...

    which has high-lighted another issue ....
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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