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Thread: Druidic exploits of a various nature!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianoz View Post
    Question ???
    Do you have For Sale sign thieves , to mount it up the pole that high .
    You'd be surprised what they'll nick around here Ian, but main reason was visibility .... could be seen from well off coming up the road, even wearing blinkers, as most seem to do driving that road and it's well above the hedges, which're at full growth, this time of year.
    has produced seven enquiries so far, so well worth the twenty quid for it ... only needs one, or better still two, with the where with all
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    OK Guys ...... usual story ... big catch up starting roughly where i left off .... so 8th Aug......

    been a looong day at Ken's today, clearing scrap ... again. Plus 80 years accumulation of tish

    got this lot in the post to HMRC and Probate office yesterday afternoon ...... lot of work gone into that lot ... well worth the damn near nine quid for registered post to make sure it gets there

    WP_20190807_11_39_00_Pro redacted.jpg

    Was some bit wet here last night ... if the buckets, etc. are to be believed, must've been 50+mm of the wet stuff ...... with more forecast, 'til late tomorrow

    six month MOT day today (9th) in The Heath in Cardiff .... proper lashing down here when I left .... Blue skies in Cardiff.

    Got called in, hour and a half early, 'cos they had a cancellation .... shot down there........and was still waiting to be seen at my original appointment time of quarter to three
    New specialist nurse in my consultant's clinic..remembered me from my visits to The Royal Free, in Hampstead, London, in 2011 .... said "you're the chap who Professor Mehta examined, with 30 students gathered round, with the three plus kilo spleen .. you were a rarity "

    Amazingly small world

    Took a mauling that day .... from some very pretty student doctors ....... an' that was just the blokes

    they got a new treatment if I want to try it ..... tablets ... apparently seems OK so far, with them that's given it a go ... will have a ponder ... be a damned sight more convenient than getting stabbed by Pam once a week ..... and doesn't need to be kept refrigerated, so very mobile ....... as usual there're side effects, so need to have a good read, as I do pretty well on what I'm on ATM ... but could always go back to it if I can't handle it -- or it doesn't like me Hmmmmm?

    got the little Mountfield back together one evening this week ...

    just in time to get rained on ... been a so so week here for weather

    day up at Ken's Thursday, sorting scrap/rubbish/etc. and 'dealing' with this, after it'd been emptied ....

    me on the rivet heads out side with a sharp cold chisel/hammer and the two BILs giving it some inside ... rolled up a treat .. there wasn't a barn above it when it went in there ... and beyond moving (in one piece) anyway ... even if we could've gotten at it.

    not seen so much of Clara these last couple of weeks ... school holidays, so mummy is about, but she's not lost her fascination with rock ...

    or diggers

    when she does appear for the odd few hours

    it's 'apple' time again ...

    pity the wasps had beaten us to it on a lot of 'em .... never seen 'em eat whole apples from the inside out ..... just leaving the skins hanging on the trees
    What was left'll do Pam a few litres of her fave fresh apple juice though

    having got well pee-ed off with grating 'em all last year she thought she'd try chopping 'em up .... I squashed em as hard as i dared, for fear of breaking her press, ........ and got sod all, not even a trickle ... so they came back out for a grating LOL .... and hey presto ... a good litre and a half out the first batch, so far. Give it a turn every time I go near it, but reckon it's about done .... next load for grating time

    been waiting for some new fuel line and a tap/filter for the Mountfield ... it has a habit of dropping it's fuel tankful, when parked ... float needle obviously can't cope with the head of fuel in the tank .... it turned up Friday so had a sesh sorting that and then, as per usual, when it ain't been used for any length of time, it was flywheel off time .... bloody spiders like occupying the points dept. and it rarely goes without a sort out.

    anyway ... got in there and the casing's full of what can only be condensation ... no way for rain to get in there .

    Got most of it out, but had to lift the points out to get it all ..... and discovered ...

    an acute shortage of connections from the coils to the points, which was not going to be helpful to the cause .. God knows where the missing inch plus had gone ??

    so out came my trusty Weller ..... this is 50 years old .... had it for my 12th birthday ... (was into 'electronics', as it was known then)

    and extended me missing wire

    nice bit of rubber tube sleeving to cover the joint and the job was a good un

    re-assembled it all ....

    and gap-ed the points (anyone old enough to remember what they are?) .. dropped the flywheel back on, keyed it up and dogged it down for a try for a spark .. YAY!! first spin up ...
    stuck it all back together, litre of motion lotion in't tank and it went first flick .... which is pretty miraculous for a Briggs an' Scrap 'em .... no idea how old this little Mountfield is, but it must be catching the Weller up pretty quick ... I'd say it's early 70's if not older !!

    Anyway ... let it warm up, gave it a bit of a tune and it sat on the bench happily ticking over ..... put, put, put, put .... was going to get it down off there in the morning .. 'til Pam reminded me, I got to go back to The Heath first thing, for some more blood tests ..... has to be early as they're flying them to Switzerland as soon as they get 'em packed .... did offer to go over and they could have 'em 'fresh out the arm', if they'd like, but the answer was NO!

    Some 'real specialist' lab out there's gonna analyze my metabolic rate from 'em to decide whether I can try their new treatment regime ... Eliglustat TABLETS !!
    .... cross yer fingers

    shot down there this morning .... they extracted 10cc of red gold ....and I flew back ..... 90 mile round trip ...... and wait several weeks apparently, to see if I can try the new drug . Traffic on the way down was great ... and made it in 50 min.s ..... 90 on the way back ... I bloody hate Cardiff traffic !!!!

    Might get summat done for myself tomorrow
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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