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    Quote Originally Posted by ianoz View Post
    Question ???
    Do you have For Sale sign thieves , to mount it up the pole that high .
    You'd be surprised what they'll nick around here Ian, but main reason was visibility .... could be seen from well off coming up the road, even wearing blinkers, as most seem to do driving that road and it's well above the hedges, which're at full growth, this time of year.
    has produced seven enquiries so far, so well worth the twenty quid for it ... only needs one, or better still two, with the where with all
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    OK Guys ...... usual story ... big catch up starting roughly where i left off .... so 8th Aug......

    been a looong day at Ken's today, clearing scrap ... again. Plus 80 years accumulation of tish

    got this lot in the post to HMRC and Probate office yesterday afternoon ...... lot of work gone into that lot ... well worth the damn near nine quid for registered post to make sure it gets there

    WP_20190807_11_39_00_Pro redacted.jpg

    Was some bit wet here last night ... if the buckets, etc. are to be believed, must've been 50+mm of the wet stuff ...... with more forecast, 'til late tomorrow

    six month MOT day today (9th) in The Heath in Cardiff .... proper lashing down here when I left .... Blue skies in Cardiff.

    Got called in, hour and a half early, 'cos they had a cancellation .... shot down there........and was still waiting to be seen at my original appointment time of quarter to three
    New specialist nurse in my consultant's clinic..remembered me from my visits to The Royal Free, in Hampstead, London, in 2011 .... said "you're the chap who Professor Mehta examined, with 30 students gathered round, with the three plus kilo spleen .. you were a rarity "

    Amazingly small world

    Took a mauling that day .... from some very pretty student doctors ....... an' that was just the blokes

    they got a new treatment if I want to try it ..... tablets ... apparently seems OK so far, with them that's given it a go ... will have a ponder ... be a damned sight more convenient than getting stabbed by Pam once a week ..... and doesn't need to be kept refrigerated, so very mobile ....... as usual there're side effects, so need to have a good read, as I do pretty well on what I'm on ATM ... but could always go back to it if I can't handle it -- or it doesn't like me Hmmmmm?

    got the little Mountfield back together one evening this week ...

    just in time to get rained on ... been a so so week here for weather

    day up at Ken's Thursday, sorting scrap/rubbish/etc. and 'dealing' with this, after it'd been emptied ....

    me on the rivet heads out side with a sharp cold chisel/hammer and the two BILs giving it some inside ... rolled up a treat .. there wasn't a barn above it when it went in there ... and beyond moving (in one piece) anyway ... even if we could've gotten at it.

    not seen so much of Clara these last couple of weeks ... school holidays, so mummy is about, but she's not lost her fascination with rock ...

    or diggers

    when she does appear for the odd few hours

    it's 'apple' time again ...

    pity the wasps had beaten us to it on a lot of 'em .... never seen 'em eat whole apples from the inside out ..... just leaving the skins hanging on the trees
    What was left'll do Pam a few litres of her fave fresh apple juice though

    having got well pee-ed off with grating 'em all last year she thought she'd try chopping 'em up .... I squashed em as hard as i dared, for fear of breaking her press, ........ and got sod all, not even a trickle ... so they came back out for a grating LOL .... and hey presto ... a good litre and a half out the first batch, so far. Give it a turn every time I go near it, but reckon it's about done .... next load for grating time

    been waiting for some new fuel line and a tap/filter for the Mountfield ... it has a habit of dropping it's fuel tankful, when parked ... float needle obviously can't cope with the head of fuel in the tank .... it turned up Friday so had a sesh sorting that and then, as per usual, when it ain't been used for any length of time, it was flywheel off time .... bloody spiders like occupying the points dept. and it rarely goes without a sort out.

    anyway ... got in there and the casing's full of what can only be condensation ... no way for rain to get in there .

    Got most of it out, but had to lift the points out to get it all ..... and discovered ...

    an acute shortage of connections from the coils to the points, which was not going to be helpful to the cause .. God knows where the missing inch plus had gone ??

    so out came my trusty Weller ..... this is 50 years old .... had it for my 12th birthday ... (was into 'electronics', as it was known then)

    and extended me missing wire

    nice bit of rubber tube sleeving to cover the joint and the job was a good un

    re-assembled it all ....

    and gap-ed the points (anyone old enough to remember what they are?) .. dropped the flywheel back on, keyed it up and dogged it down for a try for a spark .. YAY!! first spin up ...
    stuck it all back together, litre of motion lotion in't tank and it went first flick .... which is pretty miraculous for a Briggs an' Scrap 'em .... no idea how old this little Mountfield is, but it must be catching the Weller up pretty quick ... I'd say it's early 70's if not older !!

    Anyway ... let it warm up, gave it a bit of a tune and it sat on the bench happily ticking over ..... put, put, put, put .... was going to get it down off there in the morning .. 'til Pam reminded me, I got to go back to The Heath first thing, for some more blood tests ..... has to be early as they're flying them to Switzerland as soon as they get 'em packed .... did offer to go over and they could have 'em 'fresh out the arm', if they'd like, but the answer was NO!

    Some 'real specialist' lab out there's gonna analyze my metabolic rate from 'em to decide whether I can try their new treatment regime ... Eliglustat TABLETS !!
    .... cross yer fingers

    shot down there this morning .... they extracted 10cc of red gold ....and I flew back ..... 90 mile round trip ...... and wait several weeks apparently, to see if I can try the new drug . Traffic on the way down was great ... and made it in 50 min.s ..... 90 on the way back ... I bloody hate Cardiff traffic !!!!

    Might get summat done for myself tomorrow
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    catch up time again guys .......

    hauled this out of the middle box friday evening ..... there's a bit of a story attached to this ... more anon

    and relocated it to some freshly created space in't mower shed, for now ......

    I wanted to get me remaining three sliding racks out the box to finish 'em off and fit the decks to them, so's I can use them and create some more floor space in the one, by getting stuff up off the floor ....

    Petter AV 2 IIRC ... some of me small engine 'collection' ...


    and an old Villiers I have had sat for a serious number of years ... have quite a few smaller stationary Villiers motors,

    including a not so small single diesel D270 ... quite a rare animal by all accounts .... like this one

    so .... got them out and up on a slider ....

    after I'd gotten the three out to finish off ....
    Number one on't bench ...

    and all the deck support lips installed ..... shot that one back in out the way on't forks ... and grabbed the next one ...

    had taken a good few hours to get that lot sorted .... and some serious humping ....
    some of it had been tucked into corners and took some juggling out on me own !! Those 'little motors ain't so little when yer's wrestling the damned things ' .....
    the two Z1000 engines beat me ... they'll have to stay put for now

    Was just about dark ... at 8.30 that evening, when I'd finished the second one and it stayed put for tonight ..
    Load number one tomorrow with a few other bits and bobs I want up out the way .... after I've cut the deck for it and dropped it in ...
    Sunday or not ..... they'm in for a noisy day tomorrow .....
    between sawing the boards to size and lifting it all in/out/in ..
    it's all gonna need forks ...
    might have to put the VA-r on too .... can't get square on and it's been a faff at an angle today ...
    can load the decks on the floor then and just lift 'em in complete onto the tracks .. as it's intended to be used

    25C in the shade at 11Sunday morning ..... opened up the tool box and 39.8C in there after the sun'd been on it since sun up ... like a bloody sauna in there

    looked everywhere for Sparty that night, after I'd shifted said go kart and locked up. Was about to start opening everything up again, when I spotted him sat on one of the stone pallets ...

    totally engrossed .... he'd ignored me calling him ...

    touched him and he turned and gave me a 'sod off' look ..." I'm mousing " LOL ......... sat there an hour or more
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by v8druid View Post
    ....... Those 'little motors ain't so little when yer's wrestling the damned things ' .....
    the two Z1000 engines beat me ... they'll have to stay put for now

    but not for long

    seriously heavy, but managed to get at 'em with some juggling ...... they'll be getting 'air lifted' into a new home later .... 'tween the Esab 200 MIG and the breaker pack

    left the last one at full sheet width, for now, for some light weight furniture storage and 'cos I'd run out of 25 x 3 flat to lip the roller bed frame

    was some bit hot here yesterday ... foggy as **** here this morning ...... got two Houdinis on the lawn this morning .... waiting for the owner to arrive and collect 'em !!!!

    pretty PO-ed with this sheet yesterday .... brand new WBP sheathing GOS and delaminating before it'd even been handled .... could not be arsed to take it back ... never likely to see the weather, but annoying .. all the same

    then to get Delbouy 's (mate from a.n.other forum) placcy pig chassis out o' the trailer and go collect said furniture from Pam's daughter's place.
    Cane conservatory suite ... new conservatory getting started Tuesday, as the current one's over 15 years old and showing serious signs of not lasting much longer .... 'least it's a damned sight cooler this morning .... must've gotten through 4 litres of squash yesterday and didn't have a pee all day ...... was running off me, but the boxes were like saunas !!

    Bank Holiday Monday

    meet Houdini #2 & #3 - 2019

    buggers were here all day ...... could've been a mistake when I said to Ellie (the owner) that I wasn't worried - no panic!! .....
    bet 'er next door has been having an eppy all day .... so fine by me ... been LMAO all day

    Who said pigs can't fly ..... this plastic one ... or at least what's left of it, did a fair impression of a 'low pass' Monday morning

    been sat in here since I picked it up for Del several weeks ago ....

    but got 'evicted' in the morning .... needed the trailer ...

    took the head trees out to give 'em a fresh lick of shiny shite for half an hour and copper slipped all the pinch bolts ....
    anyone recognise the tin I keep me copper slip in ...

    can not remember how long ago I filled that, from a big bucket of the stuff ..... but it's a looooooooooooong time ago ... still a quarter full ...
    dunno how long it is since Finefare disappeared off the main street in town. !!

    those two Kwaka lumps got a leg up after that ....

    and wriggled 'em into spot where I wanted 'em , along with three bloody big Record vices, I keep tripping over on the floor.

    Then it was off down the village to Vicki's to collect the cause of all this effort over the last few days .....

    got there just in time to witness their little leccy mower go poooooof !!!
    ... so had to sort that 'fore I could do anything else ... wire busted as it went into the switch .... made her hubby Chris jump ...

    hadn't seen Clara for over a week, so a bit of grand dad-ing first, spot of re-wiring and some trailer loading ... bit more grand dad-ing and away back home ... to unload this ....

    and a car load of cushions to fit ....
    took some persuading into their home for the next few weeks, whilst the new conservatory gets sorted ...
    Was not flavour of the month with Chris.....had taken him two days to get the floor tiles up
    ... I laid 'em - properly - maybe 15 years ago didn't put 'em down to come back up again LOL

    these took a bit of wrangling in, to find the optimum orientation .....

    was bloody hot in there again today ..... 34.6C at lunch time in the 'toolbox' next door to it and could not touch the roof in there
    .... as I found out when I put my back against it, juggling the Kawi motors earlier. Cheese cloth shirts are not much of an insulator.

    Sat having a coffee after all this lot, chilling in the shade .... and Pam says.... ."right treatment next then " ..... had forgotten it was Monday ....... " ]no peace for the ...... " Druid
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Chris and Ellie came to drive the rest of Houdinis' team mates back home across the fields this morning .. and collect #2 & #3 off the lawn

    ..... defiant lil' bar stewards they were too .. drove 'em up onto the drive where the open gate that'd re-unite 'em with their mates was waiting ... along with Ellie and her 6 year old .......
    and despite our best efforts, went tearing past us all and away
    ... eventually cornered one and got her back into the field, but t'other was a right performance ... 30 minutes later Ellie is on the phone to Chris ...
    she was sat on it down on Billy no mates front drive .. come and help

    having wrestled the damned thing onto the quad .... LOL.... it was unceremoniously brought back to a gate .

    and slung into the field ....... where it shot off in the wrong direction and had to be pursued yet again
    who'd have the bloody things

    Loaded the kids back on and off they went with a couple of hundred sheep in front of 'em

    been 'storing' these damned things since Vicki closed her dress shop .... some time ago now ...

    manikin stands her dad had knocked together for her .....
    never gonna be used again, as far as I could see so they were getting flat packed ...
    having removed all the screws I found they were all glued as well .... so out came the saw, set the fence to take 22 mm off and proceeded round the perimeters ......

    after a conversation with Josh, re. a use for a pile of MDF boards, for his tranny camper conversion, they all went into storage for his next visit ...

    I hope he brings his van next time ..... getting quite a collection of stuff that'd be better off living in Plymouth than taking up space here

    now to sort out when LOL

    Wonder if he'd like a piano ??

    had to do demolish my Mother's very old Challen and Challen .... was her grand mother's ... weighed a bloody ton ....
    couldn't give it away
    .... that one is Pam's granny's .... I play a little and so does Pam, but have a full size keyboard for the odd times we feel like knocking out a tune. Been stuck in there long enough now ....
    either Josh's turn to inherit it, or it's gonna have to meet the wood shed

    been finishing off the major sort out in't boxes today ... peeing down outside !!

    found the results of a very industrious mouse in me 'stores' box ...

    that's a 500mm broom head !!

    re-located me S50 hitch, along with a load of other stuff that'd just got 'parked' where-ever

    and it's 70mm boss set, I acquired for it

    then found yet more mouse activity !!!!!!

    must've taken him months to stash that lot !

    looking a lot tidier and organised now .....

    and accessible .....
    t'other one now also has some serious floor space available for me next acquisition

    think I found me perfect lathe last week ... now to get it sorted
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    had a hard afternoon Saturday .... doing battle with my 80 litre fuel tank.

    I miss my 4 poster ..... that tank's a lump ....

    have had a suspicion of a leak for quite a while .... can smell fuel regularly and had an even stronger suspicion of where from after some ****ing cowboy spanner monkey had the tank off some time ago, one MOT time.
    usually only take it to 'known' (and trusted) places ... but these ppl had taken over one of my 'trusted' places, unknownst to me

    anyway ... long and short of it was ....

    said tw*t had snapped the breather off the top of the pump unit .... and instead of owning up .... bodged it - in the worst possible style -

    the white elbow was lying behind the sender ring nut, when I got it down ...

    presumably it'd once been here ...

    no bond .. nothing ... and like a d**k in a bucket .... God knows how much crap is in the tank
    it will be my mission to see he loses his ticket ... the cretin is not fit to be working on, let alone MOT-ing people's vehicles absolute cowboy !!!!

    that open to atmosphere breather port is a foot from a very hot exhaust and the other end of it is in the filler neck, which is able to have fuel fed down it as you fill up ......
    I count myself lucky not to have had the old girl catch fire ... lucky it doesn't do a lot of miles these days

    I am absolutely ****ing steaming
    either gonna have to get creative tomorrow ........ or buy a new in tank, pump unit ...
    either way it's gonna have to come out, to see just how much crud has accumulated in the tank, for starters

    the inevitable occurred trying to remove the fuel lines Sunday morning ... had to come off to get the ring nut undone ...
    and no way were those pipes going back up under the ol' girl ... way too past their sell buy dates for my liking
    .... be waiting for one to go pop with 3.5 bar coursing through 'em

    an' before anyone comments on the scabby state of those Visegrips .... they're probably older than a lot of members and seen a LOT of action ...
    I do have shinier ones too ...... so.......

    cost me 223 quid and an evening's searching for the fuel lines, filler neck rubber and a pump .... Britpart from Island 4x 4 in Kent ..
    best deal I can find and the only ones who listed everything I want

    1 x Fuel Filler Rubber Neck To Tank P38 (Britpart) ESR3219 16.00
    1 x Fuel Pipe (Pump To Connector) V8 94-98 WJP106160 70.00
    1 x Fuel Pipe (Pump To Filter) V8 94-98 WJP106150 69.99
    1 x Fuel Pump Fittings (2 Nuts & 2 Olives) 1.67
    1 x Fuel Pump V8 94-98 (Britpart) STC4344 ESR1073 ESR3931 28.33

    all plus the Vodka & Tonic of course

    if these last another 22 years .... and they're going to, with the amount of Waxoil that'll be adorning them when it goes back in,
    .. I'll be 84 before I have to get under there again .......
    and past caring !!!

    Sussed WTF the tank was so bloody heavy, coming off yesterday ... when I emptied 50 litres of motion lotion out of the damned thing this morning into jerry cans .... gauge claimed a couple of gallons at most ... so tha's fooked too BTLs

    Dry as a chip under there ATM, so blew as much crap as I could, out from under there, with 150psi, this afters .... I'm now wearing most of it .. can't wait to dive in the shower in a minute or two

    would've Waxoil-ed under there too, but couldn't find me Wagner airless sprayer .. which is always full of the stuff and sealed in an airtight bag .. saves a lot of cleaning up
    ..... still haven't remembered WTF I've put it though
    ... so might have to be a Schultz gun jobbie, but better throttle it down a bit with a smaller nozzle and some pressure reduction
    ............ 'tain't gonna be this dry again for a few months
    ... and'll fill the waiting time for the bits to arrive
    .... plus I don't plan on seeing the bits hidden by that tank again, in a loooooong time :D

    email back from another outfit I enquired with Sunday ..... these are also Britpart suppliers/prices ... in fairness to them .. at least they responded, which is more than can be said of the other three

    "Hi Graham
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Please see quote attached, we have the pump in stock but the other parts we can get these in to us tomorrow and can ship them the same day and get them to you for Wednesday.
    We can take payment over the phone or via a Paypal request which ever works best for you.
    Regards Dan

    WJP106160 1 PIPE ASSY-FUEL 118.88
    WJP106150 1 PIPE ASSY-FUEL 108.97
    ESR3219 1 HOSE FUEL FILLE 23.77
    STC4344 1 PUMP-FUEL TANK ASSEMBLY 38.40 ....... this is more than the price they listed on ebay - inc VAT and postage
    SUB TOTAL Ex Vat: 241.68
    TOTAL VAT: 48.34
    TOTAL ........ 290.20 "

    Looks like I chose the right people to deal with ... dispatched Monday morning ... spoke to the guy doing it ... might be here tuesday, Wed.s latest
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    just realised this needs a massive update ..... but for now ......

    Phone goes off and I'm thinking .... bloody hell is it seven already ?... ... don't seem to have been in bed an hour??
    then realise the sound isn't my alarm's Tubthumping tune, but the ringtone ...

    (guaranteed to wake me up)

    light's already on and I'm stood there looking at the clock thinking WTF is ringing me at 2:15 ????

    Look at it and it's Josh ......................... ........ can only mean one thing

    Granny has a new grandchild ....

    9 lbs 8.5 oz at 01:45 this morning ....
    OMG !!! .... he's a lumper ...... his mum is a very petite size six ....... pix of the new arrival to follow ....
    I'm one of the few people who guessed right with 'a boy'

    I am now completely wrecked ..... gone half three, 'fore granny stopped bouncing off the walls and then back up at seven for Clara's arrival ....
    now delivered to school and might just have a few hours for a catch up ..... once me drug delivery has arrived and that could be anytime 'tween now and 11:30
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    well this lot arrived on a tuesday morning ..... I wasn't up to struggling with it all, after a bad night and most of the day - were too late with me 'hamster juice' Monday evening and no activity after it, to circulate it about .. so me spleen gave me hell to remind me

    slightly different unit ...

    but after a 're-assuring ' conversation along the lines of - "it's the only one we've sold in years" it went into the tank -- it'd better ****ing work !!

    and everything got a liberal application ....

    was a tough afternoon getting that bloody great lump of a tank back in its home under the RR and even harder getting everything back into place and re-connected ...
    the filler pipe was a complete nightmare ... and took a good hour and a half to get back together ...
    no room for hands or tools
    ..... and left a lot of my skin under there in various locations

    the breather that has caused all the issues had also appeared to have been shortened, by the looks of it ... I had to extend it to get it to reach, once I'd attached it to the tank end

    no way was I going to go tugging at it to try to stretch it to fit

    anyway ... it was all re-assembled and dogged up ... ready for some fuel in the morning and a test for leaks .... which i hoped there would be none of ... ran out of time ... had to go to meeting at 18.00

    We had Clara here on the Tuesday ... Pam thought this was hilarious ....... and stood and watched her unwind it

    She'll be bloody sorting it next time
    took me ages to unravel it all

    so Thursday ..... No leaks and went first flick ...... and no smell of fuel either ...... could do with a wash though

    be nice to use it without worry.

    Sparty has taken to disappearing at odd hours ...... found him sleeping here now, on several occasions and at all hours. .......
    Getting older and dafter by the day. When the sun's out I can see why .... but not after sun down

    mixing some mortar this afternoon ....... and had to look twice !!!! when I found him lying by me sand bag ... fast asleep

    he's getting his old man's coat rapidly

    our trip to Newport week last Friday, for Pam, was 'successful' ... in that it got done ... she was sore but better than expected ..
    took the dressing off on the Sunday morning, as per instructions ....

    6 dissolve-able internals and 8 that'd come out last Friday ....
    a mole she's had all her life, about 6mm across, just in front of her ear ... but quite flat ...
    caught it with a comb, doing her hair several weeks ago and scalped it
    it promptly went berserk and when she went in on Friday, the best description I can give you is ......
    imagine pushing a pencil into the side of her head and the only thing left showing was the 'rubber' ...
    about 8mm dia. and a good 10mm protruding ....
    was weird ....

    anyway, as the dermatological consultant suspected, was deep rooted and needed quite an 'open up' to deal with.
    Consultant was quite surprised at its growth in four-ish weeks
    been sent off for biopsies ....
    we have our fingers crossed

    so ....
    last day clearing, up at the farm, we got a puncy in't traccy front, which curtailed the day's scrap clearing activities a bit earlier than planned ....
    BIL said he'd get it sorted .... two bloody weeks ago !!!!
    ... guess who had to go see to it .... !!!
    not been able to organise me scrappy to come and have a pick up session, 'cos said beast is in the way.

    followed this down, from chez Druid ...

    must've been 11ft wide and FILLED the road -- this is a wide bit

    took this after i'd stopped in a hurry .... Rangey is abs and just dealt with it .... me 8 x 4 trailer behind, with tools, toe jacks and a 49 kilo 'air bottle', running light, simply locked up and HOWLED to a halt
    .... traccy driver turned to see WTF was about to run up his arse ..... big green parcel machine had to haul his mirror in - or lose it ....
    anyone else'd have had an escort for that ... an' a bloody movement order

    anyway... got to the farm and soon had the offending item in the air and said wheel off

    after twenty minutes with a sledge and levers, t'was obvious the lil' b'stard was not gonna have it and it got slung in't trailer for a trip home to meet the 'Drema and me forks

    reckon I had a good 4-5t of pressure on't bead before it surrendered ..... and discovered a surprise tube hiding in there
    .... looked for all the world like a tubeless valve screwed into the very ropey rim good job I'd had the valve between the forks
    Doug swore it was tubeless

    inner bead wasn't quite such a bugger and soon had it in bits

    good job I did .. rim was in a hell of a state and whoever had put the new tyre on hadn't bothered cleaning it, obviously ....

    this was a better bit ..

    after i'd hacked off about 4mm of scaley shite
    hour well spent with the grinder and it was looking a bit more like it and a damned sight smoother, for a re-fit of the round black rubbery bits

    patched the pin hole in the 'surprise tube' ... be damned if I could find the cause - not a mark inside the tyre and only a few minuscule particles in it
    .. applied more lube, than yer average hooker'd use in a year - EVERYWHERE - and it went on, sweet as a nut
    .... have had more blood, sweat and tears with a 5.20 x 10

    helped a lot that the bloody thing was so heavy; it wasn't trying to escape off the bench at every effort to re-mount it
    ..... had visions of having to drill a hole in the middle of the bench to bolt the bloody thing down..... but nope .... one of the easiest I've ever done

    going back on at least

    put 10 lbs in it to seat the beads (all that lube did the trick, sweet) and dropped the forks onto it for the rest of 35 psi it needed ....

    'twas going no-where with the 'Drema leaning on it

    Lifted it back into the trailer ... sod grunting it about with mechanical handling to hand and we went back to re-instate it in its rightful place
    Think Doug enjoyed his afternoon out, getting chauffeured about ..... not having to deal with the damned thing .. and a free lunch

    Scrappy organised for the morning ... meet him in the village at ten ..... he's been to Ken's before, but can't remember HTF to get there .. be glad to see the back of an enormous pile of tish, that took a LOT of collecting together .... so that'll be a.n.other day shot to sh*t
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    Rude awakening .. sort of ... was dozing ... 'bout 8 this morning ... Tony, me scrappy. His first job's cancelled can he come up to the farm earlier .. like now !!!!!
    .... "Gimme an hour mate ... still thinking about breakfast"

    Met him in the village, with the truck, his van and his grandson for a convoy up to Ken's ...

    left Tony to it on the side of the drive whilst Shane and I loaded the van with the rolled ali, from the truck body we chopped up and all other miscellaneous ali/stainless bits, plus all the 'bluey' I'd set aside as we'd been sorting.

    he must've been napping 'cos we were down there 'fore he'd made a dent in it ...

    he sure packs it on

    but even he had to concede defeat and have a second run

    all cleared and gone by two ... at last, after he'd gotten back and 'mopped up' ... surprising how full he was going off on the second trip -- pile hiding behind that tank, you can't see ....... progress, of sorts

    this came damned close to getting Tony's hiab on it

    the bed swings/slides and it rotates, but'll want a belt and some ing up

    these of any interest to anyone? ..... gonna chuck 'em in Brightwells otherwise ... can't be arsed to ebay 'em

    This sunday's job/mission ..... collect a big chuck from one of the guys off a.n.other forum and a little summat else I bought a few weeks ago .... 230 miles away

    she knew it was on there ....

    mmmm new smells

    counter weight

    a looong Druid day ...... but not as looooooooong as Rob's was ..... huge thanks to the man who brought this down from Sheffield

    his loooong day was a lot more than mine ... but ... body was complaining Monday ...
    180 miles for me was a LOT, with 90 getting my spleen shaken to s**t with a lump on the back and then assailed by me 'Hamster juice ' yesterday morning, between taking Clara to school, collecting her at 12 and entertaining her 'til half four ...

    Collected from Rob's dad's place 45 miles away ... back to Druid central - 'nother 45, woke up the 'Drema and offed it. Headed back with an empty trailer, which although faster, wasn't the same as a solo and although it towed well, kept me well informed of its presence on the back, on the back roads I used for the trip - much shorter than 'the long way round ' .. 'nother 45 .... gave Rob his trailer back, etc. and headed home for tea ... 'nother 45 .
    most driving I've done in a day in a long time ... and didn't I know it Sunday night .. but again as Rob said ... mission accomplished, limited dramas (was an 'interesting tow ' ) and everyone mostly in one piece

    good job he had that chuck to strap to the front of his trailer's tow bar for some nose weight .... would've been an even longer day..

    was going to hang it on the dynamometer yesterday, but weather was abysmal and today has be a bit frenetic ... so

    the 'weigh in' for the new 'acquisition' will have to wait 'til tomorrow ..... have sussed the tyres'll take 3,300kg ... each!! .... so a good capability in the lugging stakes, by the time the draw bar gets its share too ....... so assuming a circa 5-6 t build rating ... as long as yon ram'd cope with lofting that much .... will have a measure up and get the calculator wound up when I'm a little less zombie-fied

    am now on screen saver ... been now't but interruptions and visitors all day .... Granny is not quite so bouncy-abouty now Thankfully we do not have to be up quite so early tomorrow!!

    and now the bearings've just collapsed in't sodding washing machine .... that's the morning buggered ... quick shufty, but doubt it's fixable ... new one required probably
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    dragged it out, turned the taps off, dropped the cold hose off, cracked the hot and got covered in hot water ????? managed to eventually seal the hose on the coupling again ... and after I'd cleared up a bit
    ... discovered the placcy bit'd gone round fine .... bloody valve hadn't though
    so having gotten it turned off it came out ......and on to me sack truck .... heavy lil' sod

    trundled it up to me boxes and set about it .

    never seen a washing machine without a removable back panel : ... " HTF do you get into this then " ???

    All comes out the front!! very clever design ... Creda 1200 -- must be 15 yr old, but I was impressed....eventually, once i had a suss on it :giggle: .... lid off, once I found the screws ..... followed by a gert heavy lump of concrete ... made it a lot lighter

    couple more screws and the front panels off ...

    label all the multi plugs ... which're all the bloody same ..... few more extraneous wires and it'd fallen over

    once id gotten the front off ..... some more clever designs ... forgot a pic of the clip retaining the door rubber ... well clever and a pop to get off, as was the rest of it .. more bloody concrete ... and it was a LOT lighter

    lots more odds and sods ... all pretty straight forward and yon drum was on its way out ... PLASTIC!! least it won't die from the usual problem

    all the wiring is in one loom and comes away with the drum .. pretty neat, once it's all ready to exit and well labeled for its return

    so ..... to the bench ...

    tha's bollo-ed .....

    split the outer drum ... POP ... and set about getting the drum out o' the burger ......

    came out sweet as

    think I may need some new ones of these ....

    outer rear race knocked out pretty easy ..... the inner was a different story ....

    couldn't be arsed to cut a shorter bit of tube .... this 'un fitted fine

    bearing was looking similarly second hand after it eventually succumbed

    think the goodness has been exhausted out o' them

    it's been 'grumbling' for a while ...... can see why now

    from here on in it was a clean up job ..... and suss the new bits ...

    another very tired one

    and all measured up for sourcing ......

    as usual, 20 minutes on Ebay and they're ordered and on their way .... 18 quid all in
    everything cleaned up and sat in a box awaiting the arrival of the 'spare bits' ...... let's hope i can remember how it goes back together

    this, once i'd sussed it, has to be one of the easiest washing machines i've ever had apart .... and I have done a few .... as a young teenager I used to have quite a lucrative lil' biz 'em ...
    in those days a new washing machine was a significant investment
    ... and was always a market for decent s/hand ones ... had an 'arrangement' with the local scrappy ... I had first pick on anything he got in ... and he used to get quite a few .... Mother always had a row of three top flight Bendix,s ... she ran a guest house/B&B and there was always one or two going round (and I always had a spare sat for her -- in case.) ...... wish I'd had ebay in those days would've made life so much easier

    anyway .... apart from the obvious, this un'll be good for another few washes, ......... once it's re-assembled .... you could put a few of these together in a day .. a very well designed assembly

    tonight's sky ..... been a glorious day here

    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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