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Thread: Druidic exploits of a various nature!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun

    next creation ....

    one 71mm sq. internal socket

    for a 70mm stub post ...... for this

    now you can see where this is going

    Lil' bar steward took some welding on ... lower channel is 4mm narrower than the upper ... giving a 4mm gap to fill ... vertically and overhead ...... but got it on there ..... needed the practice

    Lil' bar steward took some welding on ... lower channel is 4mm narrower than the upper ... giving a 4mm gap to fill ... vertically and overhead ...... but got it on there ..... needed the practice

    can either get parked thus .... or slung in the back ...... or I might make it another socket, for elsewhere ... or wait 'til I can pick up a few inches of 80 sq x 4mm SHS ... a storage socket doesn't need to be such a condom fit

    might look at the wiring next ... or try and wrestle the body off ... that one pin is gonna be a bar**ard .... but paint and leccies'd be a POP with the body inverted on the floor

    and if you think I took my time with that today ....... 'twas in between interruptions from YKW ....... have broken up and filled five of these today

    she wanted some 40ish mm lumps ... but not my clean 40 ... it had to be from the pallets of rocks quietly crumbling on the patch ... with the nice browns and greens and greys ... you get the idea .... so been 'on the chain gang' for a fair portion of me day ... stuff was bloody harder than you'd think, looking at it

    Kept Pam happy though ..... an' I got her home made chilli an' chips for tea ... yummy!!


    everything always looks better / more finished ..... with a coat of shiny tish

    Plan A .......

    Plan B...

    B worked better than A did

    the remnants'll take some dealing with ..... get drilled out probably

    here's what else occurred ....

    before I got started, this and the side of the drive got massacred .... could NOT believe how much it'd grown

    Nice level lift, even if I do say so myself ... different leg lengths and heavier front end ... couldn't fault it
    so sat it on the deck, re-slung it and .......

    carefully avoiding 'killing' the lighting board and beacon, which were still attached ...

    bungee-ed the board to the underside ....

    and laid it over - re-slung it again and picked it to where I wanted it, to work on ...

    not in bad nick underneath ..... but that grey paint came off in sheets with a scraper !! spent an hour or two cleaning it off with said scraper and wire brush, 'fore starting on some Ali primer, but ran out of light last night

    Ol' fabricators friend gets it on there


    looked ok in the daylight today and got it finished off ...

    After I'd taken this pic !!
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    having checked the pivot holes with the vernier, they were all pretty much on the 32mm mark .... 'cept for the middle bits of the pins themselves, which appeared to have taken all the wear ... miraculously - so found some 32 mm bar ... of which I had very little ... this was a ring rolling mandrel I used to use in me lathe for rolling a length of rings from a length of bar ... but was me only piece so it had to have it ..

    drive tag came off and it became a 'length of 32 mm again ..... for some new pins ... after I'd gotten the remnants of the one lil' sod out of course
    flushed the one end off with a 9" thin disc ....

    but still wouldn't have it with me one hand-er and drift .....

    .......might've with someone holding the drift, but wasn't happening so ...... split the lugs with the 9"

    and out they came, with a bit of slogging ...

    the offending item's constituent parts

    note the worn centre portion

    ran a weld across the top of the slits ... only need to stop 'em opening up ... lopped up some new pins and made a couple of retainers ... stop 'em going round in't holes ... summat a little more substantial'd 've been good, but sod all to hand they'll do for now

    couple of grease nipples tapped into the moving parts ......

    and hopefully they'll be good for a few more years
    also sorted the wiring out this morning and got that all secured and re-routed

    ... and have been pratting about with some mod.s to that for an hour or so before tea and had a bit of a go at the brake linkages and compensator ... which wasn't co-operating at all, so soaking in WD for the night ... day just seemed to evaporate ... but've made decent progress and the body's about ready to get stuck back on .... the ali primer makes a decent top coat too ... lasts for years on everything I've ever used it on - like me trailers ... only ever had two coats .....


    slow start this morning ... hamster juice day, so didn't get out there 'til almost lunchtime ...

    brake compensator, even after a night's WD soak still took some persuading apart ..

    managed to split the one yoke off, but had to cut the rod on t'other, but got it eventually ... stripped cleaned, greased, re-assembled and back in spot ...

    brake rods came out of the actuators in the hubs ... to my amazement ... straightened them out, copper slipped and back in for a length suss ...

    bit of a break for a late lunch in the sun, which'd eventually showed its face... cold old NE wind today though ....

    trees have come on leaps and bounds this last week ... no leaves at all last weekend !!

    Anyway .....then made up some new yoke ends ....

    new clevises and it was pulling sweet ... had a nice hand brake lever sat in me box ... old SD1 rover assembly, like new and had been pondering HTF to get it to pull the 'triangle' arrangement on the side of the draw bar, which needed a nigh on vertical pull to make it work ... that'd been do-able, but in the way for other things ... so thought sod it .. no mechanical advantage gained in the 'triangle' so take it out the equation and just use a straight pull

    brakes pull on nicely now ... however ... whilst sussing that, discovered a very wobbly LH wheel ... hopefully taper rollers in need of adjusting .. tomorrow's job ... and have a suss of the brake drum internals whilst I'm at it ....

    the little fiddlies take for-ever
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun

    well this was a bit of a surprise this morning ....

    fields all around were white too

    first thing on the agenda was suss that wheel bearing ..... taper roller .. tightened up nicely

    and came up with a novel hub cap, 'til I can find a replacement ...

    cut down Pineapple ring tin ... perfect fit and tapped on sweet, full of grease
    didn't bother exploring the hub internals as the brakes're working just fine
    got t'other side to nip a little, but can't get at it easily where it's sat so'll do it once I've moved it out a little ... left me grease tub out to remind me

    next up was flip the body back over and drop it back on ...

    got it a bit closer to me 'fore slinging the end and turning it back over .. then 'twere up and over to the chassis

    assisted by my apprentice, lining up the front end ... it went back on .... sweet as

    Jus' look at that blue sky been like it all day here .. just not quite as warm as it looks

    anyway ... pins in and a lynch in that ram pin so's I can drop it out if I want to lift the body with the 'Drema at a later date, without upsetting the hyd.s

    so on to the next bit ...

    took bloody ages to juggle that lot into these ..

    Left to right ... trailer lighting board on't tail gate, beacon, anything that might end up behind this ... has a set of holes for a.n.other coupling in the back chassis X member ...... plan ahead

    all the feeds are now in the chassis to the rear, so now't dangling out of the body front and can tip unimpeded by leccy spaghetti

    was gonna put a third socket on the front end ....... but damned if I could find one in me stores ... so some new ones ordered ... they've trebled in price since the last time i bought those two I put on the back .. was a while ago though ... used to keep them in work .. got through a lot

    so cleaned the bed off ...... and took it down the galvanizers LOL ... it got a coat of Firwoods Ali primer ...

    impressed the corner posts came out ........ without too much of a struggle

    's good stuff ... I'll give it a second coat tomorrow evening .. give it 24 hrs to go off properly, but dries in about 20 minutes
    will last for ages then ...... makes a damned fine top coat

    stunning sunset tonight

    camera didn't really do it justice


    last couple of evenings, after tea, when I've gone back out, to finish off whatever tea had interupted, there's been a little Wren daring about the bags of stone, by me benches ... thought she'd nested in one .... but discovered where she's taken up residence this morning .....

    she's back in me wheel chock on the 'Drema again .... discovered her there last year and didn't clear it out 'til early this year .... industrious lil' bugger ... she's filled the chock again, from completely empty doesn't seem bothered by me runnning it now and again
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    been intending (putting it off) removing these bits of Ollie's breaker rack off the sideboard for a while ...

    and damn did they take some getting off this morning

    had to resort to the 9" with a thin disc for a lot of it

    and the 36" Stillies ...

    which left me with a lot of grinding

    followed by another 9" session for the rest of the bits ... would've liked to have removed 'em completely, to give me a flat head board, but just not poss. with a disc

    Startrite Meba coffee table got a bit of use again today ..

    and the bed got another coat of Firwood's best ali .......

    they must've changed the solvent in this, as it killed me Tiger roller's adhesive ... have used them for years on their paints and never had an issue with the roller coming apart .... couldn't put me hands on another one, but did find some foam ones .... lasted about 10 minutes before the solvents ate it, so had to hunt out me box of Tigers ..... fresh one stuck the pace fine

    Don't know where the foam ones came from ... can't recall, but about as much use as "*its on a boar" ... ten minutes saw 'em off

    don't quite know what happened to the day yesterday .... just vanished grass massacring took up a few hours, followed by a clean off and re-coat for the mower ramps down onto the lawn .....

    before and after

    and finished ..

    been meaning to do 'em for a while .... they had two coats of Firwood's ali primer when I made them ... in 2010, so it hasn't done bad really .... if today's coat lasts another ten years i doubt I'll be painting 'em next time ...... certainly doubt I'll be lifting 'em onto the bench

    then after the ramps, spent some time getting round this ...

    that blue is a bitch to cover... even with the HBZP oxide

    did this wednesday evening after tea ..... white next

    but today has pissed down all day ..... so not a lot did
    'sposed to be nice for the rest of the week/next 7 days, once it dries up in the morning
    been spoiled with the weather the last couple of weeks ... bloody good job too ... wold be climbing the walls with 12 weeks lock down, other wise ...
    'nother 8 weeks to go and I've not been beyond the end of the drive in five
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    well the last couple of days it has lashed down here most of the days ... was 'sposed to dry up in the morning yesterday...
    for a week .... but did it ****

    one interesting snippet, talking to Rory from CEF yesterday afternoon ...
    his fitter friend/mate who's 'isolating' in his workshop ...

    he used to come into my workshop many years ago and knows me ...
    couldn't place the name, and was an unusual one, but sure to recall his face, if i saw it.
    I rarely forget a face, but my memory for names is not great ....
    and I must've met a LOT of people in 30 odd years of meeting and greeting LOL

    so asked him for a pic of Chris ..

    so .......the lad PM-ed me some pix of Chris early evening yesterday .....
    one of him hiding behind a radial drill,
    one of the back of his head,
    one of the top of his head and
    one of his bobble hat .....
    surprisingly I didn't recognise him ........ yet

    I did get this done Friday afternoon and another coat yesterday morning ... lugged it into me box 'fore it got pee-ed on, early Friday ..

    bloody paint has reacted in one spot ...
    will scrape it off and re-do it when it's dried off properly

    surprise visit earlier ........

    with some milk ... we were about out - again .... couldn't get our usual six, 4 pinters last time she went shopping for us ...
    that'd last us weeks

    as you can see by the way they're wrapped up ... 'twere 'kin cool here this morning

    Dunno if i can stick another eight weeks of this shite !!

    as said ... has lashed down most of yesterday ....... but the sun is just starting to break through ATM ... cooler than of late ..
    but a lot warmer than yesterday .. was back in winter clothes, last two days ....
    after the previous few weeks of lovely weather was a shocking reminder it's only mid April still ......
    just grateful for the previous few weeks of sunshine .... would've been grim shut indoors for the last five weeks

    dry, sunny and ........... cold wind ... but no ****ing rain

    got this finished off in the box ... and back in place ......

    and a coat of HBZP oxide on the rest of it yesterday ..... dries as quick as you can get it on there ...

    so got followed with a top coat ... well a few actually ...... been extolling Firwood's virtues to you all and damn me if the top coat isn't like coloured piss.
    never had a can like it ... well pee-ed off with it .... their stuff is usually slap a coat on and admire the job .... not this time
    I shall be having words with 'em tomorrow .. strong ones, if they're open
    it's taken me three times plus, more time, to get to this ....

    still haven't finished the side boards yet ... job for tomorrow ... hopefully last coat ....... not a happy bunny !!!!
    combine that with the fact that this was supposed to be a lot closer to the Hydrema's colour and i'm even less happy

    Only ever had one problem with them once before ... and was sorted instantly .... the mix man forgot to put the pigment in a 1000 litre batch of red oxide ... opened a bucket and ..... well it weren't red for sure ... three new buckets - next day - no quibble

    very disappointed and annoyed at all this extra faff.

    plugs and sockets arrived today ... sat on me bench in quarantine 'til tomorrow afternoon ... should be safe enough by then, apparently !!

    roll on normal ... will we ever have a 'normal' again ?? all this sterile glove malarkey is wearing a bit thin .... but I have had my patience severely tried today .. bloody good job it's fast drying

    only plus side of the last couple of day's rain was ... it's washed all the tree pollen down out the air (and the trees hopefully) ... no pollen effects and no nostrils full of tissue filters

    summat a tad different first thing this morning ....... reckon we have a Roland taken up residence in one of me french drains ...

    found this a couple of weeks ago and refilled what he'd removed ... damn me ... back again this morning

    this connects to a sump in the black shed, which is lid-ed and sealed ...
    that 'networks' to two more sealed deep sumps (4ft & 8ft deep)
    and a very long 12" pipe run down the side of the drive,
    to a.n.other open 3ft deep sump, grate-ed top, with two possible exits to atmosphere ....
    he is gonna have to walk a bloody long way to find them ...
    he's going to get greeted by some 1" sq weld-mesh here tomorrow... when I find a suitable piece ....
    so'll be taking a considerable hike after that

    glorious day here again, although the N Easterly is still keeping the air temp down considerably ... but nice enough to chill, lunchtime ...

    Pam's 'cappuccino' cake .... one of my favorites ... even i asked if the slice was big enough, when presented with it this afternoon ....
    went down well though ..... she bakes the most awesome gluten free cakes you've ever tasted ... most are dry as **** ...
    Pam's are better than 'normal' sponge cakes ... she really has the drop on GF cooking and although i'm not caeliac, eat GF 95% of the time .

    apart from a few 'touch ups' in a couple of places, it's about done .....

    got the lighting socket on the front this afternoon ....

    and t'other side board on with some serious persuasion later on ...

    just needs a parking spigot/socket for the leg on top of the draw bar, nip up the O/S wheel bearing, repack it and it's a wrap ....
    then let the paint harden off for a while ........ oh and a couple of return springs on the brake rods, when they arrive

    now WTF am I going to do tomorrow???????

    Knew there was a "can you just " coming when this was brekky .....

    "Tha's not a slice of toast!! " and before anyone says it .... I can't eat eggs .. or too much at a time !! a little and often

    " so what you doin' today then Gra? ..... you know that mirror we were talking about " ... " the one i've been pondering HTF to hold on the wall you mean .... I have an idea brewing " now usually I'd just go and buy some mirror brackets ... but !!
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Druid central, just East of Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny, S. Wales, UK, 3rd rock from the Sun
    these are lengths of vertical blind track that I'd gutted and burnt ... they were just sat under the bench as 'I knew' they'd cuminfa summat ......... and their time had come

    the little bit in this pic was my trial sample to see how it'd fit/work ... well was the answer !!

    so ..... had to take a flange off the one side ..... carefully

    the short ones were easy ... the 1100 mm pieces were a bit more challenging

    but got there and ended up with sufficient for the top and bottom of said mirror ....
    now mounting this on a stone wall was not going to be easy ... especially after i'd sussed just where she wanted it

    gave up on a direct mount ... just wasn't going to happen ....
    without breaking a 5' x 2' x 8mm plate glass mirror ... so got me chippy head on and ......

    didn't have a piece of ply big enough .... two strips that'd do but not in one piece

    so make it a frame to keep it all in one piece .....
    bearing in mind that Pam and Vicki have just about cleaned me out of 'sundry' timber with their planter boxes

    so ripped a couple of pieces of 90 x 38 CLS in half .. again ... and gave it a bit of a rabbit (rebate to new heads)

    if it'd been earlier n the day I'd have hauled me saw bench out ....
    but had it ripped with a fence and some careful depth settings, by the time i'd have dragged the bench out
    out with the chop saw, set to 45 ... and create

    this'll be a damned sight easier to fix to / hang on a stone wall, with said mirror attached to it .......
    job for Pam tomorrow .. waterproof it ... paint or varnish'll be the decision of the day tomorrow - not mine

    have managed a few other odds an' sods through the day .. pix tomorrow .. and cut the grass, beside the drive, with the Dane
    Pam insisted on mowing the lawn (for a change) ...
    She'd been on the Countax 20 minutes, when it went quiet ... so trolled down to see why ......................... and she'd broken it

    fortunately not a critical bit ... just the hand brake/brake lock ..... 'nother job for the list .... a new one ... not even I am gonna try welding that ..... although I could always re-drill the hole I suppose .... Hmmmmm !!

    finishing touches to the mirror mount board this morning, 'fore I shifted this ..

    and got me bag lifter out ready for some action ..... phone call to say me topsoil was 'en route' to fill Pam's planters, Vicki's veggie boxes and a few other odds an' sods ..

    Alex steri-wiping said lifter after he'd been handling it ... fair play

    nice to see a 'new' face ... first one in nigh on six weeks ...
    half an hour's 'distant chat', a large slice of Pam's GF cappuccino cake and he was away ....
    leaving me to get 'em shifted to where they were needed ....

    left the old girl parked whilst they got emptied ... to take back anything we didn't use ..

    which turned out to be half a bag ... and six-ish inches in the bottom of t'other, which got dropped into the half bagger, lock, stock and shovels for the return journey

    patch looks a lot bigger without a gert duck sat in the middle of it ...

    one happy Pam ... now these are full ..... all she needs now are a A LOT of plants ..........

    and guess who ended up second coating this, this evening

    third one in the morning ....... and that'll be the end of me half gallon tin of varnish .... more for the shopping list
    Gonna be some re-stock ....... when we get let out !!
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!

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    Good to see you posting again Grahame, I did wonder how you were getting on in this situation we are all suffering.

    personally Iíve not left the farm now in nine weeks, but to be honest itís no great problem, lots to do!

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