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Thread: Our collection

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    Hummm , might as well remove all my photos from Photobucket . Gone the same way as imageshack .

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    What ya mean lad?
    A driven man with a burning passion.

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    Imageshack locked everything down about 2 years ago Stock .... unless you pay 'em $20 a year you can't access what's already in there ... can't even see the images ... or upload/link/etc.

    Photobucket still has their 2gb free storage though, plus another 10gb, if you link/upload with a smart phone too
    exceed it and it's $20 a year, which I pay as I've a lot in there and again wouldn't be able to do anything with, without doing so

    'Bucket has been a right PITFA lately though with all sorts of problems/issues and is becoming a nightmare to log into. Press 'Log In' and you get re-directed to who-ever has hi-jacked their log in button this week.

    More words need to be had with them ..... but TBF to them, they do at least respond and try to be helpful.
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