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Thread: CAT 324D Hydraulic Question

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    CAT 324D Hydraulic Question

    Hello guys!

    Can you help me with some info?
    Every few minutes or sometimes ever 20-30 minutes just depending, when you use a hydraulic control, it will bog the engine way way down and it will kill the engine if you don't let off and slowly get into the control. After you let off, it may or may not do it again when trying to use hydraulics.
    Where are relief locations and screens for hydraulics on this machine?
    Any other suggestions would be great... Thanks guys!

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    It sounds like the pump is not getting the command to destroke consistently when a load comes on the hydraulic system if sometimes it does it and sometimes not. Does this apply only to the hydraulic functions or does it happen when travelling as well..? Do you have a Serial Number..?
    Travel as well. JJG1136

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    Are you getting any alarms when this happens? Have you checked the monitor panel for fault codes?
    Did you check the fuel pressure as suggested above..? If so what was the result..?
    No alarms or fault codes.
    Not yet. Going back to machine tomorrow. Is the fuel pressure on the indicator screen on these?

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    Did you try replacing the fuel filters? Maybe check the quality of the fuel in the tank I had similar problems with a Cat 320CL a number of years ago and it was water and sediment build up in the fuel tank that was plugging the fuel filter.

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