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Thread: bobcat 325 charging trouble

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    bobcat 325 charging trouble

    Hi all, new to this forum so bear with me. my mini excavator has just had new alternator, battery, and battery earth lead. All earth cables have been removed cleaned and mountings cleaned,and still the battery won`t charge. i sent old and new alternators along with the starter motor to be bench tested, and all is normal. Even changed the glow plugs. Any thoughts gratefully accepted.

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    As with all modern stuff, there may be a simple charge relay or some other bit of confoundery between your charging alternator and the battery .. in what form it exists I cannot say on that machine, but a relay of some sort would not be uncommon so that the battery doesnt get over cooked by a faulty charging system .. in some systems it may be integrated into a bigger ECU .. but I dont think so on that 325 .... Kubota engine in that ..... init?
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    yup kubota engine, 3 cyl

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    I have the 321 there is a charging relay top right hand corner of the engine bay with the rear door open.

    Good luck


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