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    Heated seat

    A couple of weeks ago we were using my open walker on a really awkward job. What made it more uncomfortable was there was a layer of ice on the seat. Even after scraping the ice off it was still pretty unpleasent. Have this every winter on jobs I can't use the cabbed machine. Mark, who works for me, commented how nice the heated seats in HE's Komatsus are and that was what we needed. Well, the wonders of ebay, you can buy heated seat covers that plug into the cigarette lighter. Sat here now testing one on my office chair. Very toasty. Looks like a good addition for anyone without a cab or cab heating.
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    Good idea Must confess my intolerance to cold gets worse the older I get ... just started using padded boilersuits these days
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    I do have a padded boiler suit, which is good if all you have to do is operate the machine all day, but I find I then overheat if I have to do anything active. Hence trying a different tack.

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    Could you not get a cab made for your little walker and install an aftermarket heater that runs off the engine coolant? Friend of mine fabbed a cab for his father in law's subcompact tractor so he could clear snow with it in the winter without turning in to the abominable snowman.

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    [QUOTE=245dlc;21326]Could you not get a cab made for your little walker [/QUOTE

    I do have one with a cab and heater, but we do some jobs that the access is too low for a cab, hence one without.

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    Amazing Idea. Thank you!



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