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Hi, I have just bought the above machine, it has not been used for many years and would not start. The previous owner had cut some wires and added others, none of which I believe were necessary as I eventually managed to jury-rig the unit and it starts up and runs ok, having said that I haven't ran it for more than about 10 minutes.

The issue I now have is that the machine will track forwards and backward, the body will slew left and right, the arm will move up and down and in and out but will not slew from right to left. The blade moves up and down fine.

Someone told me that the button on the left control handle needs to be pressed once and the control lever will then move the arm right or left and not the cab, press the button again and it will revert back to the cab moving and not the arm. I took the lever apart to find the micro switch not working, however, I then thought I could just touch the two wires together once and it should alternate but it doesn't. All the fuses are fine.

I could really do with a wiring diagram but have not been able to find one anywhere, so my first question is, does anyone know where I could find a wiring diagram from for this machine?

Secondly, does anyone know where the solenoid or actuator that the left button should energise is actually located?

Lastley would anyone know where I could get an operators manual from as I have never owned a mini digger only a full-sized old JCB, so a manual would be really useful to help maintain and understand the machine better as this will be with me for a long time if I can get it to work properly.

Any help would be appreciated.

We have just inherited a Peljob EB30.4 from my father in-law who has passed away, we've trying to get it back to some form of working order (mainly for sentimental value) We've got exactly the same issue as you've had here with the switch on the left joystick not working to switch from rotating the cab/arm. The wire to the joystick had actually been cut, we reconnected it to try and straighten up the arm however now its stuck rotating arm and won't rotate the cab now.
Has anyone managed to come up with a good fix for switching between rotating the cab and rotating the arm?