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    Hiya all. My name is Matt and I'm an oil dipper from South Wales. Been in the plant game for about 8 years now and i love it. Made a few moves in career path, started off as an electrician. Wanted to be an auto electrician but the course was full so i went and did domestic and commercial installation instead. Did that for 11 years. Hated it, had a bit of a meltdown. Was homeless for a little while. Recovered and got back on my feet. Changed direction. Became a mechanic, was lucky to get a job at a local 4x4 garage as a trainee. Took a considerable pay cut aswell. Was there 2 years but the recession took its toll and the company folded. Got into another job as a trainee at a german car specialist. The boss was a complete control freak and would switch moods from happy having a laugh to raging psycho in a blink of an eye. He was hard work. Was there over a year, went on holidays for a week in spain, returned to work the following Monday, i had keys so i opened up and cracked on. He came in and sacked me on the spot , the apparent reason i was ''not progressing as i should''. I was both gutted but more relieved to be out. Found out a few weeks later he got rid of me because he had taken on an ex vw main dealer tech while i was on holiday, he was an old boy not far off retiring but he knew his stuff so the boss would rather pay him and decided to mug me off. Got a job at a breakers yard the following Monday. Was there 3 years. Loved the job but minimum wage sucked. They then sold up to some indian company and moved 40 mile further down the m4. They did give us good warning of the move. And our jobs were safe at the new premises. But that was no good to me, i was doing a 35 mile round trip daily at that point already. So i got job hunting. Smashing out cv's to ads for jobs i didnt think id have any chance in getting. One being and auto elec fitter at a rail plant firm who specialized in rail upgrades for on track plant. I got an interview and got a phone call back the next day offering me the job. Nearly 3 years there but they had massive financial issues. I jumped ship there to where i am now, a few months later they shut up. Been here now as a plant fitter for coming up 4 years. Done loads of training. All qualified and constantly looking for the next course to improve my knowledge.

    Thanks for sticking with the rambling post 😂 hopefully didnt bore you too much.


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    Welcome ... there a few spanner bending stories on here to keep you amused!
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist

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    that's a hell of a 'journey' ..... welcome to P&C Matt ... I'm South Wales too
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!



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