Hi All
I've just taken delivery of my first JCB, or more correctly, a mate just took delivery for me as I'm out of the country.
It was quite cheap, so I expected a 'greater than usual' number of maintenance items to attend to and it seems I won't be disappointed.
In summery, it's 4wd, synchroshuttle box, 4in1 and extender hoe (serial: 450000 range)

My first question is about seals. One stabilizer leg is said to produce oil at a rate that'd make a Texan blush.
Does everyone stick to OEM seals, or are the indian(/other) substitutes just as good?

Second question: Is there a parts list available?

I'll work my way through fluids and filters
The sort of things that are slowing me down are filters. JCB's site suggests five filters that may be suitable for the SyncroShuttle:
32/915500S (noted as 120 long High Pressure)
02/100284A (noted as: Short)

Now the manual does mention 10um running-in and 25um service filters, but no indication which is which.