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Thread: Hull structure stress

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    Hull structure stress

    Ive flown in planes, sat at the back of some big jets and watched the whole tube flex around during turbulence which is kind of freaky .. heres a view captured on the inside of some ships during stormy weather

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    used to work with a guy in 1980 who was chief engineer on a 1/2 mile plus supertanker .... some of his stories were summat else.
    the pipes that run the deck length had slide joints in 'em for when she encountered 'big seas'
    they'd slide about 18" and just occasionally in a real BIG sea they'd pop and buckle the pipe ..... and we're talking 24" sort of pipes, 10mm thick .

    24 hr job to HACKSAW the damaged bit out and fit a new piece ... no hot works allowed on board and always had to be ready when they docked to offload in their 'time slot'
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