Hi,does anyone have a picture of the ignition or wiring diagram for a volvo pel job ed750? The previous owner bodged it with a universal tractor ignition that didn't really work properly, so I am trying to replace it but having trouble with which wires go to which terminals.

I bought one of these https://plantsparesonline.com/produc...-0-5400-20000/
to replace the old ignition

The terminals on it are:
B: Battery
AC: Accessory (Is active only in the on position)
BR: Ignition (active in glow position on position and start position)
R1: Becomes active at Glow Position
R2: Becomes active at Start Position
C: ( Start Terminal?) Becomes active at start position

I have 7 wires with ring connectors and 6 terminals on the back of the ignition.

So far been able to figure out the battery and glow plug connections. I think the fuel pump goes to BR? Haven't got a clue what goes to R2 or C.
Here is a pic of the old ignition with the mess or wires I have to figure out:

Thanks for any info you can give!