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Thread: Volvo EC25 Grease nipple leaking

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    Volvo EC25 Grease nipple leaking

    The Track Ram grease nipple is leaking, I Have changed it several times but still comes past the ball bearing. Any suggestions?


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    Best guess is a bad batch of grease nipples.
    If the ball seals properly, the nipple should burst (pop the ball out) before it leaks - more pressure = more sealing force.

    As a simple test, swap the nipple with another on the machine from a similar location - see if the leak follows the nipple or stays at the same place.

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    It started with it blowing the ball bearing out of the grease nipple, since that i have swapped it with 3 others and it still leaks grease past the ball bearing, I will try with one already on. Thanks

    Do you think it could be the grease? I use 2ep.


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    The grease nipple can't hold the pressure there will be another pressure valve that is leaking

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    Thank you

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