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    Jcb 8018


    I just joined the forum.

    I`m buying and collecting a 2004 JCB 8018 next week but ive been reading posts on here and now i`m not so sure i should?

    Although its very old its only showing 1300 hours on its lcd display. I`d appreciate advise as to if these displays can be changed or hacked so its hours show lower?
    Or would a 2004 JCB regardless of its hours be a bad idea to buy?
    It would be my first digger, buying to dig out and level rocky ground for an extension and some landscaping ,pipe laying etc. Probably no more than 300 hours work.
    Tried for nearly a year to find a Kubota/Yanmar etc but all too expensive for me or ebay scams.

    I`d greatly appreciate any advise or what to look out for if/when i collect it.

    Many Thanks

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    Anything made by man can be remade by man given sufficient motivation. I suppose that could include clocking diggers :)

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