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Thread: Pel job eb 560 Volvo ec50 puma system diagram

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    Pel job eb 560 Volvo ec50 puma system diagram

    Hi guys thanks for accepting me in
    Do I start the posts and threads from here or am I in the wrong area
    I'm and electrician / Generator &Tower crane technician
    when my fitter friends get stuck on electrics I get drafted in to scratch my head with no drawings to figure out how to fix it for free coffee and biscuits and laugh and love of machinery
    So I have landed with this Pel Job eb560 that will not pull in the fuel solenoid
    The previous owner had taken out the fuel solenoid and cut the nipple off it so it would always start and he just to bury the bucket to stall the engine to turn it off
    I would prefer to have it turn off on the key personally
    i gather it has the puma controller on it from posts here
    There is what appears to be a socket for an immobiliser key but we have no immobiliser key
    I presume this key is cutting the fuel system and was wondering if they are easy bypassed
    my second option is to fit a new fuel relay and try to get it activating on the on off key from one of the 4 relays in the engine bay 1=crank 2=? 3=? 4 =Glows
    i had it working off 2 but once the engine is revved this stays on so I'm presuming it's something in the charging system holding it in
    I would appreciate any help
    Drawings would be fantastic I see one from MUZ but when I increase the size of the page it all goes fuzzy so can't make anything out

    on on a side note has anyone ever payed and downloaded a manual from
    as this is the only place I can find a manual

    thanks guys
    Stay safe Stay well

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    Ive upgraded your user account so you should be able to access the puma fault finding section now ... do you know the solenoid works as it should ?
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist

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