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Thread: Which small secondhand digger?

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    Which small secondhand digger?

    Hi, new member in Blackpool

    I currently have a Nissan Hanix N120 digger. It was in quite poor condition when I first got it but 6 months of tinkering & it's now working okay.

    Had to put new idlers, new tracks, new injector pump & glowplugs, rewire it all, renovate a couple of control valves, replace a few pipes, fit a new battery, and a myriad of other little niggles

    Being an old & tired machine now, it regularly breaks down & parts can be a bit of a nightmare to source. I need it on a pretty regular basis for jobs around the farm though and I was thinking of going down the px for something a little younger route. To that end, what small secondhand diggers (around the 1 - 1.5 ton mark) would folks recommend from a standpoint of easy maintenance and good parts availability?

    I'm not afraid of a spanner & I have the luxury of a great guy next door who specialises in hydraulics, but everytime something goes wrong with the N120 it's down for weeks :-(

    I'm mainly needing it for clearing out ditches, laying drains, pushing horse manure around on the muckheap, tracking-in hardcore, that sort of stuff

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    Welcome to the forum Nick. Any of the big brands have some good little machines but I'm not an authority on mini excavators so I will let Muz answer

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