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Thread: KX91-3 Swing Bracket / Swivel Frame shim and thrust washer positions

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    Exclamation KX91-3 Swing Bracket / Swivel Frame shim and thrust washer positions

    Hi Guys

    New to the forum and hoping someone can help with a question on a Kubota KX91-3.
    I've replaced all the pins and bushings on the swing frame / swivel frame but the exact position to install the thrust collars and shims is vague. The repair manual instructs to install the thrust collars on top of the swivel frame but the accompanying illustration shows them on the underside. If anybody has some clear info or instruction it would be greatly appreciated.
    The repair manual also mentions that the thrust collar should have a grooved face ??

    For info, I do now want to put it back the way it was before disassembly as it was a mess when I bought it.

    Many thanks in advance for your expert advice, Atobuk

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    Hi & welcome .. can you post some pics for us to see exactly the parts you mean
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist

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    Please see attached.
    Ok for item 100, it goes on top of swivel frame.
    My question relates to items 150 and 155, it looks like they should go on the underside of the swivel frame as per the diagram but should the thrust collar (rather than the shims) not bear upwards against the swivel frame ??
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