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  • Christmas message from the Admin

    Well .. Its been quite a year .. and that's saying something ! I know all of us have had to dig deep this year (no pun intended) .. some of us really deep .. We can speculate about the disruption caused by this virus and whether things need to be the way they are, truth is, all our countries have different responses to what our governments tell us, for better or for worse, we can choose to comply or do our own thing. Thankfully many of you, like me, work alone and our interface with the rest of society is not so huge, unlike office workers , shop workers, and health care workers. Thankfully the office workers can work from home like never before, but forward facing shop workers and health care workers have no such choice, they, and the backbone of our supply chains, operated by truck drivers are the heroes of the moment as lock down after lockdown happens . Also in our trade we supply essential services but often go un noticed, supplying aggregates to make structures, digging up pipes to fix leaks, or blockages ,or laying roads so people can get to where they need to be, construction workers like us , are a vital part of how we all survive and you/others should never underestimate that.

    Perhaps in time the vaccines will help to curb the situation, I am amazed at how our clinicians have made the steps they have to protect us all in such a short space of time, we can only hope they are as effective as hoped , and I have to say, theres a lot of new technology out there that is using different platforms to make vaccines these days .. the mRNA ones are particularly interesting as they offer a customisable platform and even to help fight cancers .. so theres a lot to look forward to.

    I also hope that in our industry .. people with skill sets that have taken years to build also start to get a bit more appreciation. Ive seen it working for me lately, meaning a higher rate for your work is now more achievable than ever, and its because we were an under valued resource for too long .. or jumped on by national companies trying to race to the bottom and competing against themselves for as little as possible and hire plant for washers. Buy a good machine with some decent attachments, be reliable, and the world is your oyster at the moment

    As we all get older .. keeping mobile is ofcourse a challenge in its self though .. I dont speak for everyone ofcourse but the job doesnt get any easier , and I'm sad to say most of the decent reliable operators have been around the block, once or twice

    Stay safe people thanks for all your forum input over the last year .. we are ofcourse covid safe here time to have the odd lie in now if you possibly can for a few days.

    Take care, and have the best Christmas you are allowed to in your local regions .. look after your loved ones as best you can.

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    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist

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    Wishing all here a Merry Christmas ,Yeah i know ,very belated . And a happy new year .
    A special thank you to Muz for creating and running "OUR" forum .


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      Thanks Muz for everything you have done in 2020 and let me and mine wish you and yours the best that 2021 has to offer............................................. .
      A driven man with a burning passion.