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  • New member with EC15B XT

    Hey Everyone,
    I recently bought my first mini digger; a 2004 Volvo EC15B XT. ~2500hrs. (Hence joining the forum).
    I’m just starting a self build project and while I’m sorting planning permission I’d like to give it a full once over. It appears to have been reasonably well looked after but is definitely in need of some love.

    I’m pretty happy working with general mechanical stuff (cars, bikes, lawnmowers etc) and generally do all work myself. However, diggers and in particular hydraulics, are a whole new game to me!
    As the digger is a bit of an unknown I will give the engine a service for starters. For the more digger related bits I have a few questions.

    I’ll change the hydraulic filters regardless, but should I consider changing the oil as well? Would you normally do it a matter or course or if it’s clean leave it?

    It has quite a few loose bushes/pins, some a lot worse than others. I’ve had a good look round and can’t find much guidance on this. Obviously if the bushes are nackered or the pins are worn then that’s easily identified and relatively easily replaced. If there’s play between the pins and the steel (i.e. bits that shouldn’t move/wear) am I right to be concerned? How much is acceptable?

    I’d also like to fabricate a hydraulic thumb for it in due course (it’s got the aux. piping already) – will try and document this process if it’s of interest.

    Anyway look forward to your responses and cheers for having me.