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Synthesis of the Most Beautiful Art Glass Roof Models Today

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  • Synthesis of the Most Beautiful Art Glass Roof Models Today

    Glass roof art is now becoming a new trend in the field of design and construction exterior decoration in recent years. This is considered a unique architecture that helps to increase the attractiveness, impression and aesthetics of projects residential buildings, townhouses, villas, hotels, commercial centers, etc. The following is a summary of the projects. The most beautiful art glass roof model today.

    Domed glass roof beautiful luxury new trend today

    Nowadays, it is not difficult to come across projects architectural construction using glass eaves with iron and stainless steel frames art. You can easily see them in apartments, villas, hotels, restaurants. With modern house-style designs, in addition to the interior space, the exterior details are also paid great attention by the owner. In which, the most prominent is the trend of making glass roofs with iron and stainless steel frames, art is a different and unique highlight.

    Artistic glass roof made of stainless steel frame and 3D dome glass

    Art glass roof construction
    Glass roof with iron and stainless steel frames art is a delicate combination between two materials, glass and iron or stainless steel frames with decorative patterns. This combination helps the roofs to be highly artistic, modern, luxurious and classy. The glass roof system uses tempered glass or laminated safety glass for construction on carefully reinforced iron and stainless steel frame systems, using very safe structural glue high durability.

    Glass roof art includes: Awning, canopy, lobby roof, dome…. Glass roof art will bring the characteristics of ordinary roof. The most prominent feature in this type of iron glass roof is "art". When performing the construction will make the eaves and roofs bring their own colors. Express your desired style or the soul of the artists making it. However, these artistic iron and stainless steel awnings and awnings take a lot more time to construct than conventional ones, but the structure is basically the same.

    Fine art glass roof uses the main material is tempered colored art glass with thickness from 10mm to 15mm, can be transparent glass or colored glass depending on your choice. The roof is supported by box iron panels that are attached directly to the wall and floor. You can freely create patterns according to your preferences, but you must ensure the right size and technique to ensure absolute durability and safety when used later. Depending on the installation location and preferences of the owner, the stainless steel glass awning art has different shapes from square, rectangle, semicircle, arch, clamshell, etc. With each shape, there will be a different installation layout. together.

    Install the stainless steel frame for the dome

    Usually, the "art" glass roof is designed with two main parts: the supporting frame and the glass part. The structural frame is the soul of the glass roof, in order to have a beautiful glass roof, the frame must be beautiful. Therefore, people often use frames to bend textures to soften the glass roof. Or bend artistic frames with modern, beautiful and luxurious pattern details. With the above design, both create a solid frame support for the glass, while creating aesthetics for the work. A beautiful glass roof, the structure of the glass supporting frame accounts for more than 80%, deciding the success or failure of the artistic glass roof. Therefore it is widely used for constructions.

    Install stainless steel frame for flat roof

    Particularly for the glass applied to the artistic iron glass roof, currently, there are two types of glass materials selected for design: tempered glass and laminated safety glass. Each type has different advantages. However, both types of glass above have been tested and guaranteed for safety when used for constructions. Laminated glass is a type of glass that is glued from two layers of tempered glass with a film in the middle.

    The brothers fit the glass into the support frame

    In addition to the two main components above, when constructing a glass roof with a stainless steel frame, beautiful art also requires some other materials such as: Glue, attached accessories such as spider legs, bowls, pillars, screws, glue …to be able to bring the most beautiful stainless steel glass roof models, ensure safety and long-term use value for customers.

    Advantages of using art glass roof
    There are many advantages that will be mentioned when you choose stainless steel glass roof beautiful art for your architecture. First of all, we must mention the aesthetics of the building, it helps the work to achieve artistic, bring a new, luxurious and modern appearance. The stainless steel and iron frames are engraved with very special and equally beautiful patterns and motifs, bringing elegance and modernity to every project.

    Beautiful iron frame art glass roof

    Using glass roof with stainless steel frame art is a perfect solution to increase the space for the building, especially the one with a large facade. In addition, not only bringing aesthetic advantages, this artistic glass roof is also very useful in protecting from rain, sun or wind, it also helps shield harmful rays such as UV rays. , ultraviolet, .. safe protection for the user's skin.

    Stainless steel glass roof design art has durability through time. Thereby saving a lot of installation, repair or replacement costs compared to other roof options. With a fairly simple structure, the stainless steel or iron frame structure is elegant, so the product is also light, so the construction and installation of the product also becomes easy without taking too much construction time. In particular, in cleaning, cleaning or repairing the product, it is not difficult for users.

    Beautiful iron frame art glass lobby roof

    Stainless steel glass roof artistic, glass lobby roof is used quite commonly in office buildings or apartment buildings today because it does not take up too much space, moreover, it is very beautiful. Unlike when using existing roofs made from bulky concrete. Artistic glass roof ensures the light for the building, clearly showing the class for the used space.

    Disadvantages of using art glass roof
    When you choose to use the art iron glass roof, you will receive many advantages of this product, however we also need to note some of the small disadvantages of this product. Because the iron frame is very easy to oxidize when exposed to the outdoors, when using this form, you should pay attention to apply a layer of anti-rust primer for the iron frame. This both meets the aesthetics and prolongs the life of the glass roof. And with the stainless steel frame, you don't need to worry about this problem.

    Beautiful iron frame art glass roof painted with anti-rust primer

    Another disadvantage when constructing artistic glass roofs is that the cost is quite high and it takes a lot of time to process the structural frames, on the other hand, making artistic glass roofs also requires a technical team. high, many years of experience to ensure aesthetics. However, in terms of aesthetics and lasting value, the money is really worth it.

    Beautiful art dome glass roof at night

    Art glass roof is a product line with modern trends, bringing perfection to your home. Construction Investment Joint Stock Company Fintech is one of the pioneers in the field of aluminum and glass construction, We have a team of architects with extensive experience and expertise that can advise on design and design. The best solutions to bring perfection to your project. The trust of customers is the biggest success of our company our company. For more information, please contact Hotline: 0904 83 83 15

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