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EC15b Ecu4 & IM1 interaction

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  • EC15b Ecu4 & IM1 interaction

    Hi All, Firstly I would like to thank all those who have posted the solutions around the EC15b issues around relay4/ecu4/shut off solenoid/ etc that manifests itself in the machine shutting down shortly after starting up. The posts enabled me to quickly get my machine running again when experiencing this issue yesterday. In my case the issue was overcome by unplugging ECU4 (only needed to unplug one of the connector blocks). When time permits I will investigate further to try to get to the real issue, but I did already review the wiring diagram. According to that diagram the oil pressure, air filter, and coolant temperature sensors connect into IM1 ( the instrument panel) with a subsequent connection between the IM1 and ECU4 (pin 8 of the IM1 connector). IF this is correct then it seems that the connection to the ECU4 is an output from the IM1 (ie an input to ECU4), and that the “logic” decoding of the engine safety sensors is actually performed by IM1 Which then instructs ECU4 to allow / prevent relay 4 to allow the engine to continue to run via the secondary coil of the shut-off solenoid. So my question is firstly this, is the wiring diagram accurate? Everything I read to date suggested that the ECU4 was the brains BUT unless I am missing something, it looks more like IM1 has the electrincs to decode the sensors and then tell ECU4 what to do! If my theory is correct tthen my particular issue May be IM1 fault, but didnt find any other suggestions to that affect. When I purchased my machine I found that the IM1 was not working due to water ingress and I had to virtually rebuild the circuit board. I thought I had sealed it but again over the winter water seems to have got in again (Mine is a canopy version so open to the elements during the recent very wet winter), it seems to be working (ish) but the moisture inside may well be resulting in improper operation of the IM1. Does anyone have the circuit diagram for the IM1 circuit board? I tried to reverse engineer it when repairing last year as I have an electronics background and although I think it worked it is possible that one/some component interconnections may have escaped! A circuit diagram would be invaluable if anyone has one. Anyway, hope my post makes sense and appreciate any inputs. Stay safe everyone. Cheers.

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    Im1 and ecu4, you speach about the boltage regolator? 16a11-14001.
    i have problem with this, if i touch it, the engine shut down


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      Voltage regolator.. Sorry