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1998 JCB 801.4 Slew Motor Oil?

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  • 1998 JCB 801.4 Slew Motor Oil?

    Hi guys, I'm giving my machine a service and was wondering if anyone could give details on how to check/replace the oil in the slew motor for a 1998 JCB 801.4? My machine pin number is 0722315, and looking at my service manual it appears that I should have to replace the oil with some JCB gear oil:slewringoil.jpg
    The parts diagrams on the JCB website do mention plugs, but no drains? So I'm just looking for some guidance really, do I have to take the motor out to drain and refill the oil? Or am I wrong and it's actually lubricated by the hydraulic system?
    Thanks for any assistance you can give.

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    Hi, I've got a 1996 801.4 for a self build project, when I bought it I changed all the filters and fluids bar the hydraulic oil. From memory (I will check next time I use her) there was a drain plug to empty the oil. Refilling was a pain as it was through the very small plug on top of the motor, I had to use a really small funnel. It took an age and I ended pouring most of the oil down the side. The only thing I can say with certainty is that on mine it wasn't lubricated by the hydraulic oil.
    Have a look on Morris Oils website, you can input your machine details and it provides all of their JCB equivalent fluids, very useful I found.
    I also discovered that over the years good old JCB used the same part number for components that were clearly different. I replaced the rotary joint seals and soon discovered there were different types of rotary joint with the same part number. This could be the same with the slew motor.