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Volvo EC55 slow and hissing

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  • Volvo EC55 slow and hissing

    Hi forum members and experts!

    I own a Volvo EC55B Pro with about 5k hours on it. Love the machine, but I have a problem with it, and I could do with some troubleshooting hints & tips.

    When moving straight forward (or backwards) there is a hissing sound from the hydraulics. This only happens when both drive motors are running simultaneously. When lifting up either side and running only one motor there is no hissing sound. I have noticed that driving a little bit slow, but if I work the boom, stick or bucket while driving it seems to run normal.

    Lately I have noticed that the swing is quite jerky too, however, if I use any other hydraulic function while swinging, action is smooth and normal.

    Where do I start looking?