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Steel profile cutting

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  • Steel profile cutting

    Evening Gents,

    since my success with modifying a bucket to fit my hitch I am going to have a go at an adaptor for my log grab so it will fit the hitch.

    Anyone know of an on-line steel profile cutting service for pad eyes with holes drilled and a couple of square plates which I can weld up, I would go to the local smiddy but he doesn't have a profile magic eye thingy so fear I would be waiting some time for them as he is a very busy man.



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    You got any old buckets lying about you could use the bosses off?
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      Empyrium Profilers .... Awsomely good guys

      I used to deal with Allan Dyer . Nice bloke and knows his game

      As far as bosses are concerned .... get some profiled .... 25/30mm thick say .... if you ask for a 45mm hole you'll get a 45mm hole with them
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