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Finger Hedge Trimmer attachment for Mini Digger, What's needed?

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  • Finger Hedge Trimmer attachment for Mini Digger, What's needed?

    Finger Hedge Trimmer.png

    I'm considering getting a Finger Hedge Trimmer for my Volvo EC15BXR. Has anybody fitted one to their mini digger? I have the peddle and hydraulics on the arm so thought I could link up with that.
    What was the effect? For example, due to hydraulic use, was the arm useage affected, track movement zero?

    The ECB15XR has a hydraulic pump flow capacity 32L/min and the Trimmer has a requirement of 25-27L/min

    I know a bracket, pipes etc will be needed on the Chinese produced Hedge Trimmer. I'd like to hear from anyone who has fitted and used a Finger Hedge Trimmer please.

    The other day I used my Stihl hedge cutter attatched to the arm of my digger (yes I know , wild) , via a home made bracket. What I found was, I didn't trash the hedge in the same way as with a tractor based hedge cutter. With the digger I moved forward to a position and stopped, I then proceeded to cut the hedge to the reach of the excavator arm and stop, move position and repeat. I found it less stressful than with a tractor hedge trasher. I could also be far more definitive in what I cut and between what was spared.

    If anyone has input , please contribute.

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    Looks interesting not sure how easy it would be to use what with the lack of articulation , best if attached to a steel wrist or something ? .. machine will power it ok, except every time you move a service or track,... the flow wont be enough and the cutter would stop running I imagine
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist


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      Thanks Muz for your reply. I have noted the 1.2m cutter has a lower hydraulic flow rate than I have quoted above. Track movement, I agree with your observation. Rotational articulation would need additions methinks, so I'll dodge that one ha ha. Vertical and Horizontal and drop over a hedge are do-able I believe. When/if I can get hold of a reasonably priced Finger Hedge Trimmer for my excavator I'll put more up here.