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Some recent repairs and projects

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  • Some recent repairs and projects

    Hello chaps,

    ive been a long time lurker so I thought it was about time that I contributed something.

    A customers js130 had failed its Loler test on a worn slew ring and excessive play in the upper boom ram pins/bushes. the slew ring was removed and sent to BC Reconditioning where it was inspected and to be U/S. a new one was sourced and fitted.

    The boom rams were then removed and it was found that the upper boom pin that goes right the way through the boom had worn oval in the boom boss, I had to line bore this oversize and then machine up a oversized pin out of a length of Suitable engineering steel and get it heat treated.


    Hope this is of interest to rest to you boys, I've got plenty more!

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    Cool .. how do you true up a line bore rig welded to the job ?
    Please don't PM me for plant advice.. thanks .. Post in the forum where I will gladly help, as will many of our contributors.. as the info and responses will help everyone else, which is why we exist


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      Running a quick change toolpost too, glad to see someone is running a decent set up!

      A cone is installed on either end of the job, minor diameters facing inwards, this makes the tool holder sit central to the parallel bores. Any extra movement can be obtained from tapping on the brackets you weld on which hold your bosses. Might be different on other machines but that's the way I've done it previously.
      Feel a bit of a fool for selling my line borer a few years back!

      Thanks for sharing these photos.


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        As locofitter says, you can use alignment cones or bushings with the major diameter being the old pin size and the minor diameter being the boring bar size. theres a few other methods aswell which are easier to show a picture of than explain, il dig some out when I get five mins.

        That boring setup was made by myself, It took a little while to get it working properly and there's still a few jobs to do before it's perfect


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          Proper line borer though, hydraulic too! You using HSS or carbide? Made myself a mini brazed carbide tip once, lasted for months!


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            I use hSS with the odd brazed carbide tool if I get a hard spot, I have ordered some cheap Chinese indexable carbide tools to try out but I don't think my turning speeds will be high enough to make them worthwhile


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              Better late than never....Here's another way of aligning the bar in the centre of the bore before welding the bearing mounts on -


              you then slip your bearing mounts over the bar and adjust the legs to suit the job before tacking it all on


              And then you remove the alignment screws