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They changed our MOT, DOE or CVRT

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  • They changed our MOT, DOE or CVRT

    Well the b*****ds are at it again, the upped the price, and tied the MOT to a specific date, so if you let it run out the cert will only last to the duration of when the test is next due.......i.e. go over by a month then the new cert will only be valid for 11 months...........
    Also now issuing a windscreen certificate similar to the road tax disc..............
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    You Irish are made of money ,with your little pots of gold hidden all over the countryside .
    Sounds like here .always looking for ways to lighten our wallets .


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      Is this another Euro reg ? or just a change in the home grown ligislation ?. .. Bit sneaky cutting a month off ye though if ye were late
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