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Recutting HGV tyres

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  • Recutting HGV tyres

    Bought this wee unit off flea bay a couple of years ago and its well paid for its self

    The thing is .. when I need a tyre cut, if I took it down my local ATS for example... theyd do it .. whenever .. and you would have to take a chance when driving in, if they could do you there and then? so at least this way, I dont need to waste any time, and save myself 50 every tyre

    The unit has a blade element in the brass clamp at the front which is spring loaded. so that when pressure is applied, the element gets heated, and you just keep forward pressure applied to make your cut with the desired pattern. This tyre is from a drive axle, so gets a cross cut pattern
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    Done me share of that Mr Muz And damned hard work it can be too sometimes - trick is sharp blades and don't be afraid to give up on a blade when the going gets tough - they'll also touch up with a flap disc if yer's careful

    Mobile cranes used to eat drive axle tyres ...... always running fully laden and very limited rear suspendies/damned near solid!! scuff like buggery!!

    As you say though, much cheaper to do it yerself, if you have the time!!

    Can't remember what make my unit was but a popular breed in an all ali case ......... lasted 'donkeys'.
    If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!