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pel job eb 25.4 wiring diagrams

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    Originally posted by Hankstains View Post
    Some good info there Muz, something to try when it is is a little less freezing.....still need to find the pressure values for the relief valves.

    Have bought me one of those pressure testers you recommended a while ago on a rebuild project for someone so am all set to go just need some numbers.....

    As an aside which might be a part of the same problem, if I turn the machine off and leave the boom/dipper up after a few moments it starts to drop by itself with a little "creak" every ten seconds or so until after a short while it hits the deck. I was using it to lift some roof trusses up yesterday and noticed it even did it a little bit with the engine running, so after 5 mins the fully extended boom would drop 6 inches or so.....with the engine running....any thoughts....



    I have the hydraulic diagrams for these machines (no numbers just circuits) if anyone is interested.
    Hi Hank!
    Oh yes please, if you can share diagrams etc for this machine it is highly appreciated! Cheers!