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  • Slowly, slowly...CPHQ update

    Another week spent out on the house site. I have been in the process of closing the soffits and installing fascia. I am using a product called LP Smartside, which is essentially a 3/8" OSB panel 24" x 16" with vents cut into it. I am then capping the fascia with aluminum to match. My carpenter brought over a hay wagon upon which we installed our scaffolding. It allows for a fairly quick reset when we finish a section. Here's a view of the contraption (far right) and the results of our efforts this week. And the answer to the question: "No I am not moved in yet."
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    Hey Bruce nice to hear from you again and beautiful house, I wish I could afford to build my own place I've had an idea for a barn with a section for my toys (ATV etc.) and a section for my trains and models. Your lucky you've got such nice weather to work in, we had a few days of relatively mild weather and then real winter came back with a vengeance I think I've got start thinking seriously about getting a machine as my quad plow just isn't enough. lol


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      Nice to see an update mate , when do you think you will actually move in ? or is that a really sore point


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        Probably Christmas ,just as well it comes every year ..... Bruce you still need to get the chainsaw and drop those close trees .....


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          The move in date is really not a sore spot, only a deadline that I impose on myself to accentuate the frustration that I am mostly working with very little additional help. A house this size should have a crew of at least 4 carpenters to make things go along smoothly. I have one carpenter and the 20 year old kid who is just now learning to drive nails with a hammer.